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Just to summarise, if there's only one thing I've learnt from this lengthy thread, it is that 100% satisfaction is never enough. In 2011, 120% is the new 100%. Since this has already been resolved IRL, let's all now stop assigning blame to anyone and let this thread die the swift death it deserves. I cannot see how any additional input would be in anyone's interest anymore. I hope the mods close this.
Wow, I thought that we would have seen the end of it by Friday. I am refusing to believe that this is the same Nick who has so generously shared his knowledge with us in the past. Is this a disgruntled ex-employee who has hacked into his account? If not, for the sake of the firm, I would suggest no further participation, clearly PR is not your cup of tea.
Quote: Originally Posted by JohnnyCrockett Nice font size. Your indignation and level of defensiveness says a lot. For someone not involved in this incident personally, this kind of remark is plain idiotic.
I certainly don't see it this way. Posting and then updating the results is equally, if not more effective. I certainly see nothing wrong with doing that, in fact, if it works out positively, in most cases, the experience not only highlights how service orientated the company is, but also makes a good testimony. The only (potential) fault I can see is, if the company corrected the problem, went beyond their duties and the customer not only did not update or thank them but...
Based on prima facie evidence, I would say that there is nothing wrong with the OP posting here. In fact, i find his subsequent responses here to be very level headed as well. There are many examples posted in this forum where a case is opened by a dissatisfied customer and updated continually and the feedback has made the firm in question emerge all the better and ultimately in a better light when they are resolved. Going about to accuse a customer whether he is right...
It is no coincidence that the guy who posted the picture goes by that username.
The hike went into place soon after it was announced that one could only purchase stock models until end of March.
FNB is such an appropriate name because whenever I hear it, the Fucking Nasty Bunny" comes to mind but, Fuck, Nobody Bothers"
Unless you manage to find C&J or better for your budget, I would not bother looking for foreign alternatives. The recrafting program by AE is less of a hassle and cheaper than sending shoes to the UK and back. I just wish they offered them in dark brown cordovan as I already have the Strand in walnut.
Them answering your emails is like a lottery draw and when you thought you had won, they ship an entirely different shoe from what you ordered, and to add further insult, in the wrong size and color.
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