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^ As a casual/ non-competitive lifter, as long as there is consistent progress, you don't need to be too fixated on the numbers quoted by others.
The best upper body exercise for me hands down is weighted muscle up on gym rings.
The solution is pretty simple, go higher end or try AE for 2 months then go back to the Hallam with new found appreciation.
At 25% or more, I would say cost savings. 3% poly is actually more cumbersome to manufacture than even 100% cotton.
Quote: Originally Posted by makewayhomer Shell cordovan (cognac/brown) wingtip boot with dainite soles and speedhooks. +1.
Quote: Originally Posted by banis I don't know whether Carmina is gemmed or not and I don't have information about amount of handwork. I may ask Betty Albaladejo those questions, if she agrees to answer them. As for welting, all Carmina's shoes are Goodyear. I believe all goodyear welted shoes are gemmed and by extension, all Carminas. Maybe DW can confirm this.
It reinforced my disdain for synthetic fabrics.
A&S = Anderson & Sheppard, AS = Alfred Sargent.
More hardship and poorer environment, more scars and veins, thinner skins.
If anything, I think the BBB is more culpable of ruining someone's reputation than what the OP posted. Their criteria for lowering rating is based, amongst other things on: BBB does not have sufficient information to determine how long this business has been operating Failure to respond to 1 complaint filed against business BBB does not have sufficient background information on this business. Which means that if they ain't a clue what the business is about, they...
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