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Agreed, head back to Patrick and see what he says and do. Abit early to start a thread using the words rip-off.
Some of the best products for finer leather product contains mink oil. Saphir renovatuer is one of them. How many more lies can we see?
I was referring to the boobs.
Those are fake for sure!
I don't understanding why people continue to perpetuate lies about saddle soap drying leather. Anything in excess is bad. Even cream, which is supposedly good for shoes, applying too much would cause more dirt to adhere and make it look dirty and grimey. Look at the ingredients list for saddle soap, they all invariably contain a moisturizing ingredient. Should you use it all the time, no, you don't need too unless there are really nasty stains present. They are great to...
I noticed more and more that Commando sole boots are being used for streetwear rather than off road. How's the durability of the commando soles for regular pavement walking. Do they wear down too fast?
Quote: Originally Posted by imatlas Looking at this level of (dis)organization I'm not surprised by the reports of delays and lost pants! The other half of the delays is due to thieving Neapolitan customs and postal workers opening the package to check the trousers for any stray Euros that might have found their way into the pockets during fitting. That said, logistics is never their strong suit.
Do share with us the photos you took in the new showroom.
Quote: Originally Posted by fritzl i experienced exactly the opposite. i really love to use it. besides, fwiw everyone should be able to develop his own maintenance routine out of the basic rules. what might work for one might not work for another person and vice versa. at the end of the day. it's shoes, imo they don't need to be babied all the time. they are meant to be worn. I agree on the saddle soap. I use them alot and I don't think it is...
I've never seen a shoe group circle IRL nor would I hope to see one. It looks positively ghey when grown men do that.
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