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That's Steve Pulcinella. I am at least 40lbs lighter. If that was me, nobody would step on my shoes in the first place.
The last time a co-worker did that some 10 years ago, i took off my shoes, grabbed hold of his leg and wiped the shoes with his pants. Nobody ever fucked around with me again.
Quote: Originally Posted by laufer You are preaching to the choir Fritzl. Anyways while ED shoes indeed are beautiful, they are overpriced in my opinion. If somebody is really hell bent on getting english shoes I think Alfred Sargant is better value. I am very new to this English shoe thing, what is ED shoes and who is Alfred Sargant?
Keep at it long enough and you will receive another PSA from shoemart in the following tune: Thank you for your patronage. Increasingly over the past few months, we have been receiving feedback that the stitchings have come loose on many pairs of Aldens. At Alden, quality is of paramount importance to our heritage and to prevent such incidents from happening, we will be improving our quality control and putting in place more employees to inspect the shoes during...
I'm very sorry to say that I liked your previous commissions better. This is just taking the concept of a punched captoe not one but three steps too far.
The quality is probably so poor that he needs multiple pairs of the same shoe, hence the oneshoe was coined as a euphemism.
The clown jacobk became a senior member in just two weeks talking to himself about himself, dropping names of people he read or fantasized along the way, there is no glory in being a senior member anymore since then.
Armoury did not charge VAT. They are based in HK. VAT is the responsibility of the buyer when he pays duties. I was simply pointing out the irony that a product goes around the world and only to come back close to home once again and yes, i am taking a shot at Carminas poor distribution within EU.
I take the same size for both.
How much was the declared value of the shoes? I think it requires a fair bit of paperwork if you want to get your money back but not impossible, i dun think. Chances if they don't fit, you could speak to Armoury about returning and getting another size, while keeping your local custom and the courier informed so you do not need to pay anything on the next shipment. It's a real shame, but I'm sure you are already prepared as I have warned you earlier regarding the...
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