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Quote: Originally Posted by RIDER Yes, I can. But, you'll have to wait until May when I bring this construction out at the Trunk Show at Leffot. Actually, I know 2 different factories doing this work - just spent 2 weeks in Italy working on this idea (and others). Cheers! Is this construction the same as the ones produced for j.gilbert collab? Great boots, really looking forward to the Trunk Show.
Dad, are you saying that the leather stiffeners were the cause for the creases on the heels and toes? If so, are your bespoke shoes made from synthetic stiffeners? Were there anything else that you didn't like about the construction, other than the frequent and unusual creases?
Many would be offended by your tier. I suggest that you do away with it.
Quote: Originally Posted by GBear In his profile, under occupation, he says he's a dealer. I wonder a dealer of what. He is an arms dealer.
Quote: Originally Posted by landshark As far as the alden 403's go, it would be a good time to strike a match to them! This is by far the best method for getting rid of the smell.
You may not need that if you have SC or other hollowed out shoe trees.
The Churches bookbinder are fine, especially if you like hi-shine leather that are easy to maintain. They are not the low quality type of leather that people associate with sub-$100 shoes. They do seem a little overpriced compared to Trickers. If you are an E width on american shoes, then an FX width on Alfred Sargent would fit fine and they are such great value, you'd do well to consider them.
Really liking the sole treatment. Great shoes Groover.
Quote: Originally Posted by patrickBOOTH I ejaculate on their shoes. Shoe Porn! Shoe Porn!
I think the OP wants to drink in a pub that charges £8.40 for a pint of ale served to him by an owner immaculately dressed in a 3 piece suit.
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