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Are the Anthony Cleverley range made by EG? Is the last used exclusive to Cleverley shoes?
I don't remember any carminas arriving fresh in the box this well polished.
I would be interested in the hatch grain or museum calf MTO if it were a double monk.
In my rather limited foray into exotic leather, elephant skins hold up the best.
Forget about those. THIS is the best shoe ever presented to an American president.Can't blame the guy. You can imagine his rage after seeing Bush with those crocs slip ons and socks.
To be honest, I find it hard to believe that the New Rey Last was created for the Japanese market originally. I thought the Japanese had wide and short feet.
What a novel way to console somebody.
I don't see such a move as a way of trying to angle for more discounts. I have been involved in negotiations for more than 2 decades. There are alternative solutions to every problem, some of which is acceptable to both parties had it been laid out on the table. If you had suggested this to them, they might accept it. The cost of reimbursing you for duties and shipping as well as the waiting time for both parties make this a win-win situation. Perhaps you gave them the...
I spend half my time in Asia and have had to deal with my fair share of screw ups from both shoe retailers and shoemakers directly and I know how frustrating it can be mainly because of the cost of courier and the wait. However, on your concern of duties, every parcel I've had to send back always included a note saying that the goods were to be returned back to the merchant for refund/ exchange. Other than a single incident in Italy, I've never had any problems with duties...
Does Meermin ship by Fedex or their national courier to USPS? Main concern is duties
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