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The same thing happened to my AS handgrades. After wearing for 6 months on a rotation basis, the left shoe looks like it was a pair from a different vintage as the right shoe. I've sworn off the brand completely and moved on. My 2 pairs of meermin cost less than that and have no issues like that. I've no doubt it was both a clicker issue and a cost saving exercise. I've downgraded to "lesser shoes" because for the disappointment is less with them. That said, those with...
The forest last comes in 2 fittings and i believe the wider fit is the most generous carmina last widthwise. I think the regular width forest is a great last and a good starter choice (due to the trueness of its size i.e. subtract 1 from US sizes) for carmina shoes as long as you do not have high instep. Carminas last in general, do not favor those with high instep especially with balmorals.
+1. The insides look so bad that I shudder to think what bacteria or fungus may have lay siege. Loafers are the worst thing to buy 2nd hand because the previous owner probably wore them without socks. If you subscribe to the gemming theory, it's probably rotting from the inside out. This is not something even a good shoe "healer" can do something about.
The cordovan shells from trickers i was told are not sourced from horween but Argentina. They have some wicked colors. I wonder if it's the same one used by meermin, the quality reviews ain't great.
Replace your EGs??? Did the gemming fail?
Any idea what is this Gorse calf that is only available from Trickers and whether I am better off with pebble grain cowhide? Need a hard wearing upper country boots.
Just use an old toothbrush.
They ship Royal Mail, correct?
Does the Vass double monk strap come with those flimsy elastic straps like those used in lowndes or AS? I am trying to decide if I should get a pair of EG Westminster or go for a vass double monk in a U last. Aside from the gemming issue, which would be a better shoe?
If someone is in Europe, buying AEs and Aldens are poor value for money, especially when duties and shipping are taken into account.
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