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Couple of finds from today and last weekend.Aquascutum Charcoal Chalk Stripe Suit sz 38. In fantastic condition except for the first buttonhole. [[SPOILER]] Polo University Club Suit. Jacket fits like a glove. Pants are laughably small. I figure the jacket can be worn as a sports coat though. [[SPOILER]] Brooks Brothers Makers Tie [[SPOILER]] Aquascutum and BB Tie are both available.
Your question was answered almost a year ago when the thread was created. It is a plain toe blutcher. Every shoe company ever has made a pair.
I had this same problem. I ended up finding a slim fit white french cuff at a store called Sarar. Never heard of it before but the fit, fabric, and quality seemed good so I bought it. Wore it to a wedding over the weekend and loved it. You can order from their website. This is the shirt I bought
I smoke cigarettes. I have had $6 in my wallet (the approximate price of smokes) for about two weeks now because I refuse to use it in order to avoid change. Sorry this doesn't help, but I feel your hate of change.
Hitting the links on my day off. Sorry for the low quality. My camera just broke. Shirt is navy and belt is brown.
Quote: Originally Posted by entrero "what makes Seven for all mankind and Hudson jeans so expensive?" answer: women +100,000,000,000
See my avatar. I feel like everything in that store was made specifically for me.
I'd go with a Blue/Red striped (regimental) tie. It's classic/conservative and looks great. For the second tie go with something that catches your eye. This way you will have an appropriate tie for conservative occasions and one for more liberal/party occasions. Check out Nordstrom Rack. They have a huge selection of ties for cheap. I just bought a $98 tie for 20 bucks.
Quote: ...and I jizzed in my pants.
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