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Not sure if you're being sarcastic but aren't those races qualified?
wholelottaluck is selling tom ford things at twice the price. I think 500$ for a tie, 6k for a suit (says hes knocking a whole 500 off) + 100 shipping. I'm not sure the angle. Is this a troll, an idiot, or are people actually buying this?
Not sure if this had been said but Ill just go ahead and put this right here: http://gothamist.com/2013/08/29/lower_east_side_fragrance_accuratel.php
Thanks for all the responses, I think something quite obvious I didn't take into consideration is probably half or more of the building are non residential to begin with.
Ok which makes my point even more......As an investment sure, but you have to have tenants.. how many can pay 3-6k rent after taxes realistically? And to the three building thing, that was just an exaggeration, I'm just saying that the whole city is not finance, in fact I would say at least half the jobs are minimum wage. One other question lets say you buy this beautiful new penthouse with river/ park views commanding top dollar....then some asshole developer comes and...
Everyone can't be in finance....even it were true that might fill three buildings.....Because you have people like me a financial analyst getting 75-120K, associates (prob live in city), then the top earners who've been there awhile and have families living outside the city.
So I was in town today and looking up at all the big beautiful buildings and I thought to myself the beginning home price is probably around 600k in manhattan no matter where. The median upper to beginning mms. Say 20% down on 800k is 160 how do people live here? who lives here? I make decent money and think for me to live here I would have to earn at least 150k annually...Methinks. My wife says people inherit, makes sense. So whats the story with this city?
Isn't that the point of a submariner lol?
Isn't that the point of a submariner lol?
Just recently looked at a ref 5513( mid 80s I believe) however it does not illuminate at all and the bezel doesn't turn at all. Wondering if perhaps that make; the bezel doesn't turn and the age of the tritium has made it not illuminate. On a side note I came across this from a reputable dealer before crying fake.
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