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Finally washed my N&F jeans. I soaked them in the tub for about an hour, with a small bit of non-discoloration woolite. Now my jeans are super soft. They feel lighter/cheaper as well, as if i was wearing some 7 for mankind or something. how do i go about getting the rough/hard/tough feel of raw denim back?
i did. i contacted quoddy and they said that the grey dark charcoal was unavailable, and that many others have requested it, but they aren't sure when it will be available (if ever).
Is quoddy able to custom make any of their past collabs? i am looking at the southwillard grey charcoal red brick...looks very nice, but can't find any online.
south willard has the worst email customer service in the world
that's pretty close. any idea how these size??? i'm getting this!
looking for grey canvas boat shoes with red brick soles...any ideas?
i emailed jcrew, and they said that their blazers/jackets are half canvassed. does that strike anybody as wrong?
can we get a side by side of the following indigo/indigo versus deep indigo or broken twill?
Quote: Originally Posted by biggerliz what are the "real" brands that offer blazers similar to jcrew? gant really? i checked out gant's products and didn't find anything similar to jcrew. jcrews blazers look good because of the cut, the soft lines, and the three roll two. i don't see any of those aspects in gant blazers, as well as the fact that the gant blazers have a higher drop than the jcrew lines...
what are the "real" brands that offer blazers similar to jcrew?
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