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OK - newbie here that has smoked about five cigars in my lifetime. I enjoyed the Winston Churchill #10 but recently had the CAO Brasilia box press and really enjoyed it (also had the CAO MX2? and the CAO Italia which were both so so). I have had a Padron '64 and enjoyed it but not nearly to the extend that I liked the Brasilia. I've certainly not got a refined palate at this point where I can discern various flavors, etc but something about this cigar (as well as the...
Two sides to every story but it for a business that is extremely relationship-driven you'd think there would be a little more tolerance. The tailor/shirtmaker isn't "doing a favor" for the client, the client is paying a price for a service a product and largely for an experience.
Try - watch forum.
I'm attending a family wedding in a couple of weeks and would like to add a pocket square to my attire. I'll be wearing a navy chalk stripe suite (one button, peak lapel with double vents) and a light blue shirt. Tie is still tbd but I have a large collection from which to choose. The chalk stripes are throwing me so I'm assuming a solid square is in order. Interested in the opinions on pattern matching (or not) a square to a suit. thanks!
What is your view on customers that come in alone for drinks or for drinks and food. I've read through several similar threads and most focus on the comfort of the individual entering the bar/restaurant alone - I'm curious as to the opinion of the bartender or server working the bar when a single person walks in for the evening. thanks!
If I really had to choose than it would be Guiness although I want to say something from Dogfish (purely because they're local and I'm a fan!)
Sorry - I realize this isn't useful or constructive but the fact that you're wearing a bag on your head is hysterical! Suit could fit much better - take it to a tailor and get his opinion/assistance.
Just struck me that I'd love to see the responses to this on the AAAC Trad forum.... that said - I think wearing womens clothes or the pants described would be ridiculous
Sad to say but although I don't wish anything negative toward a person who's wronged me I can't seem to ever forget or ultimately ever forgive. It takes a lot for me to feel that wronged though...
In general yes, on exception no.
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