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Filson seems to give the dopp for free quite often. I've seen them give it out as swag at press events too. I've also seen them go for half off through third party retailers. It's especially hard to justify the $90 tag in this light. Thanks for the input. re: liquids: the best shampoos and soaps come in solid bar form IMHO.
Does anyone use the Filson Travel Kit as a dopp? Any comments on the quality and usefulness? Pictures? Thanks.
Filson duffel with some peripheral characters:
Apologies, because I only have a nascent awareness of clothing. Most people seem to state the basic rule that pinstripes, chalkstripes, etc., are unsuitable for an evening fete such as a wedding, or that a black suit in any fabric is unsuitable in all situations. There may be a little controversy or a few exceptions, but those rules are understandable. I'm curious about the more obscure rules. Could anyone get to the rationale behind the restrictions on the patterns of the...
Pretty obvious that you should get a circular monogram with your first, middle, and last initial.
I guess everyone complaining about center vents look somewhat silly now. But "Skyfall" is still a silly name, unlike "Octopussy."
If you mean the topline of the boot when you say the collar hurts, then I don't think switching the lacing style will make much of a difference, just don't lace the top hooks or tighten too much, or break in the boots wearing hiking socks. If you're talking about the tongue of the boot, then lacing might make the difference:over-under lacingTry that out and see if there's any change.
^If you just want to condition the leather, in my experience Bick's #4 doesn't darken leather nearly as much as Obenauf's (but I don't think it's as good a product in terms of protection). I sized down 1/2 as well. I wear a 9 in athletic and dress shoes, and I had to go down to an 8.5. 9 was comfortable but there was too much heel shifting in one foot. Also, it's my understanding that work boots should be snug out of the box. 8.5 had just the right amount of toe room and...
Correction: Bourdain seems to have an otter green 258:
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