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does anyone know where i can get a pair of the selvedge officer chinos in 30?
 there was also a varsity for $180 i was tempted to get.
haha yeah. i think the 30%, 25%, and 20% off are allowed. the extra 15% was a bonus by the cashier.
the racks were 30% off, plus an additional 25% storewide. then i got the online coupon 20% of $100. the cashier also let me use the 15% off survey discount.
i just went to woodbury. it seems they just got a restock cause I saw a lot of stuff. they had about 4 different racks of rrl. they have slim fits in almost every size. (i picked up a pair so i can post a pic later). i also saw a couple low straights in a similar wash. they have slims in white in a variety of sizes and also the oxbloods from 24x34 to 28x34. they also have a few tan/brown pairs. they also have a variety of shirts, henleys, long sleeves, and pants. they...
hahaha thats hilarious. i've generally had a good experience there and i've been there quite a few times. what were the discounts btw?
thanks for the info! i'm gonna go check it out tomorrowbtw whats the discount currently?
true waist of 16. don't think they'll stretch anymore
i still have a pair of oxbloods in 26x34 and a green low straight in 30x34. trying to let them go before i go back to school saturday.
really? what washes? i'm about to go sometime this week if they got a big selection
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