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can someone give me a quick breakdown between the one-wash slim fit vs. the raw slim fit. how much do i size down, how much shrinkage, how much stretch? thanks a lot
when specifically this fall does the webshop open up?
how'd you all size on the mountain parka?
any additional codes/free shipping codes?
has anyone seen the water resistant mountain parka? hows the quality and fit?
Suddenlee hasn't responded to my emails since last Thursday. Anyone else not able to get in contact with them?
http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/index.jsp?productId=12399953&ppp=90&f=Men&kw=rrl+chino&parentPage=search sold out in 30 while in my cart. anyone possibly able to proxy me a pair?
i have a wine blouson in medium if anyone has a small to trade
I keep getting the error "Error: 44 - This transaction has been declined." Does anyone know what the problem is?
since suddenlee didnt work out for me, looking for a proxy as well. willing to pay suddenlee-like fees. PM me please
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