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wow... got my order cancelled from carson cause of a "glitch" in inventory ... if one of ya'll picked up the fbt light brown in 10 and doesnt work out, let me know
light brown... stock isnt updating. try adding to cart
yup 10 for me. if you a 10.5, 10 should work for you imo
honestly cant help you - this would be my first pair, but heard the newer models run more true to size.for reference, im usually a 9.5 in boots and 10 in sneakers
thanks a lot for this. finally picked up a pair of fbts
if anyones checking out the polo outlet, this coupon is circulating
thanks for this. looking at the size chart, did you size down 1?
Gilt 25% off Helmet Lang coupon if anyone wants it. expires tomorrow GILT-FG64Y2M5PHEA
placed an order for the urban cargo sweats 11 days ago. called and put on 40 minutes hold only to be told i wouldnt be getting them cause their site glitched. just a heads up for people anticipating orders coming in
urban sweat cargos restocked in black all sizes
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