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if anyone wants to try out those alexander wang tees: http://www.blkmkt.us/collections/alexander-wang 50% with code ITSLIT
i'm a 10 in nike and 42 fits perfect for me
appreciate the help.. so my 29 in cast 1 and 30 in cast 2 will most likely fit similarly after stretch?
hi .. anyone have experience with the obsidian wash (both models) i own a pair (98% cotton version) in a 30.. stretched too much so bought another pair of 29s on grailed (100% cotton version) can anyone comment on the difference? thanks
100 off still working for me. got a pair of acne raws and a filler womens shirt for 16 bucks lol. came out to $56 shipped. what a steal
appreciate it!
was an idiot and wore my chelsea boots to the club over the weekend. got liquor stains and dirt all over. best product to use? thanks
have an east dane code for 15% off if someone wants GTX-C9H-M2K-3Z9
http://pages.ebay.com/promo/2016/0310/Madness10.html?&_trkparms=%26clkid%3D3906712246061480747 Ebay $20 off $100 ...ends in 40 minutes FYI
man i paid 220 for those kentuckys 2 months ago should of waited
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