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Hi again, sorry if I'm bumping this thread, was busy finishing off some hellish exams. And no, I'm not a genius :P, I live in New Zealand where people apply for med school after a compulsory pre-clinical introductory year, although granted we only have 2 medical schools in the country. It's a 5 year course, compared to the 4 year american MD programs. Thanks for all the advice, I've decided to buy a handmade, NZ made charcoal or navy suit which I can get at outlet prices...
Ok thanks for the advice, gonna start saving + look for certain inspirations for a decent navy wool suit. On that note, it seems the general consensus for college students is not to drop too much cash on the first suit, so should I even be looking for 100% wool? (super 120 level etc)
Hi, first time posting here so I'm assuming this is the right place to ask questions, did some searches to no avail. As a 19 year old college student in medical school, should I purchase a suit first, or a 'formal', navy blazer/sportscoat? I have a khaki blazer and black corduroy cotton blazer that I wear a few times a week to classes and 'no dress code' events but I thought I needed something more formal so I was thinking of buying a more expensive, wool navy blazer but...
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