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This one cost me close to nothing. The wooden top was given to me (friend wanted to get rid of it), with cheap IKEA feet, I rented a BMW X1 to bring it home (barely fit) for 30€. Then I spent 50€ to get the metal feet and drilled them in. So that's a 80€ table. I'm really satisfied with it.
Thanks for the info I also took a quick picture of the table I "ikeahacked" by using a donated kitchen counter top and those 25€ a pop metal feets:
some 79 year old from ... you guessed it ... Florida :/
some are going to be sad seeing this
Does anyone know who designed those chairs ? They were at my gf's grandparents house in the north of germany, and no one had any idea.
Bought recently and worn between 5 and 10 times out, amazing down quilted bomber jacket from Raf by Raf Simons. 2 side pockets, 1 zipped arm pocket, one inside, orange lining, 100% polyester, made in Italy. Size 48, fits a M. Great fit, rather warm (wore it today by around 5C with a tshirt underneath). Retail: 855€ Here: 350€ (jacket is actually completly black, the flash gave a green hue)
Is that an actual "Sport Evolution" ?
The back is boring as hell and the front looks a bit simple, I was only starting to appreciate the one of the current E series.
new Mercedes E class. not so sure about it.
They indeed would, thanks for the suggestion. Can't afford any of those things now though, but I will keep looking for good looking or easily modifiable ones on ebay and local classified. I will take some pictures soon, but I got the keys of the flat last week and don't even live there yet
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