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When I first saw that picture I thought "Nissan GTR". For the back mostly.It looks a bit busy, but it probably is going to be an excellent car.
Bought a bit too big from a seller who wore it approximately 5 times, this is a 9/10 condition, very sought after, Rick Owens Stooges leather jacket in distressed lamb leather. It seemingly is from SS09 Strutter. Inside tag says Olmar and Mirta - RU 5764. Made in Italy. Measurement are as follow: Shoulders: 45cm Chest: 52cm Sleeves: 74cm Center back length: 73cm
That M3 is too expensive.
I've been wanting to go twice to the Albert Watson exhibition, and both times it was closed, once for no reason, once because it was Monday :/ Will try to go tomorrow if I manage to make it to Hamburg in time.
They aren't fake, they are just temporary after a vehicule is sold in Germany, you aren't allowed to drive more than 2 weeks with it (hence the little date on the right), and they come with insurance for that period. The first letters before the little badge on German plates is determined by the city you register the car in. Like M for Munich, B for Berlin, HH for (Hansa) Hamburg, etc... I just checked here and FN is for Friedrichshafen which is located... somewhere in...
Hard to say. I think it could be the same Porsche from which pictures were circulating on the internet with full olive matte painting and Dakar style accesories, but could also be an actual rally car. It's the second time I see it (lucky me, I don't even live in that city anymore), but first time it just went way too damn quick! Looking up the names written on the car doesn't give me anything.Here's the matte olive one I was talking about
sorry to interrupt. spotted this car in Hamburg last time:
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