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Seems to me like there's about 15-20 posters on that thread, so probably most of them posted pictures of their cars already. On my side, I have been looking at BMW 525i E34 (M50 engine) with less than 200k km on it for about a month now, and I think I will pick up one rather soon. It'll be my autobahn cruiser for a while.
Worn a few times by the previous seller, those are virtually brand new Rick Owens sneakers that I can't really wear because they are too big for me. Marked size 45. Come with box. Made in Italy.
I was talking about kilometer per hour with mph in parenthesis btw. Sorry if I made myself unclear.
In a prius yes. In a BMW with a 3L inline six, not completly. Those cars were purposedly built to cruise at 160 on the Autobahn. When you drive faster, you sacrifice a bit of fuel efficiency for some minutes gained on your final destination and a bit of thrill. To be fuel efficient, drive a Diesel Passat at 120kmh. Nothing wrong against that. I guess you weren't advocating slow efficient cars driving slow anyway, I see your point.
They were driving a Golf 2 and he wasn't buckled. Still sad. Sure. I always think that when you're pretty much alone on the road, 200-220kmh (125-140) is sufficient for getting to places quicker without increasing too much the risks over driving at 140-160. When there's a bit of traffic, driving over 170 will become really inefficient because you have to slow down sometimes and it uses a lot of fuel to go back to higher speeds. Autobahns are free which means they...
Having driven a few thousand kms on the autobahn with normal cars (the kind that don't really go over 220kmh), you usually don't have the chance to drive this fast so often anyway. You don't really see very quick cars this often either, to my surprise.All in all, it works rather well, people driving at regular speeds are used to look in the back mirror often, people driving fast are used to braking early and not taking too much risks (although you might think differentyl...
I was thinking last time and thought the Lamborghini Countach LP-400, like the one posted, was among my favorite design for a production car. I was already daydreaming of one completly refurbished yith a recent Lamborghini engine, everything upgraded, rear view camera etc... Then I'd go grocery shopping with it.
Very nice pair of Lanvin low sneakers from a recent collection. These were sold to me as being a size 42, but they are actually a size 41 and fit like a 42. As you can see on the pictures they have been worn a few times by the previous seller and I only tried them on. Shipping from Germany included.
M5 look on a E39 is fine in my book, unless you put a M5 badge. Then you're a douche. E39 540i is still a very good value for the money if you can't be bothered with servicing a M/// Engine. Me, I would love to get a 530d Touring. But it would mean getting rid of most of my savings and then if something goes wrong I'd be screwed. Some other time I guess.
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