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Agreed. I'm also of the opinion that old wheels and especially BBS RS, Schnitzer, Hartge, Ronal, Alpina... are the only good looking wheels on < 1990 BMWs.
I was indeed thinking M5 wheels or Alpina. I am keeping an eye on ebay and classified around where I live. Some shadowline door and bumper trim would be nice as well, I'll keep the window chrome. My neighbourhood is mostly Turkish and Bulgarian/Russian, there's like 8 E39 in my street!Looks alright here:
I got myself a new used BMW as well. This was owned by retired people with a mecanician son. It has 85k miles/137k km on the odometer and everything is stock except the thing that regulates the amount of gas getting into the engine. At first I wanted an E34, but I couldn't find one that was flawless and with low mileage, so I will keep looking. In the meantime, I will have to get new wheels as well and get replacement interior trim so I can paint them or wrap them in...
A bit worn but with new MMM insoles, I am selling my pair of sneakers from Margiela's line 22. They fit like a true 43 and come without box.
Bought for the girlfriend but are too big. They fit TTS. Were a bit worn by the previous owner, but look in very good shape. Come with dustbag. Shipped from Berlin.
this is relevant, i think http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2xwecTp91-o
Seems to me like there's about 15-20 posters on that thread, so probably most of them posted pictures of their cars already. On my side, I have been looking at BMW 525i E34 (M50 engine) with less than 200k km on it for about a month now, and I think I will pick up one rather soon. It'll be my autobahn cruiser for a while.
Worn a few times by the previous seller, those are virtually brand new Rick Owens sneakers that I can't really wear because they are too big for me. Marked size 45. Come with box. Made in Italy.
I was talking about kilometer per hour with mph in parenthesis btw. Sorry if I made myself unclear.
In a prius yes. In a BMW with a 3L inline six, not completly. Those cars were purposedly built to cruise at 160 on the Autobahn. When you drive faster, you sacrifice a bit of fuel efficiency for some minutes gained on your final destination and a bit of thrill. To be fuel efficient, drive a Diesel Passat at 120kmh. Nothing wrong against that. I guess you weren't advocating slow efficient cars driving slow anyway, I see your point.
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