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Paging impolyt_one.
Minis are really fun to drive. The Diesels are a bit underpowered but are still good, haven't tried the SD yet. Petrol feels like a go kart, although when you go check the facts, you realize it does the 0-100kmh in only 9 seconds. It really feels like 6.5 or 7 in a bigger car. Cooper S is amazing, but having tried it once quite a while ago, I couldn't really use the potential of the car in town, felt like buying it, insuring it and servicing it (same inline 4,...
I'd love to have one of those with the S54 engine in it.
Agreed. I'm also of the opinion that old wheels and especially BBS RS, Schnitzer, Hartge, Ronal, Alpina... are the only good looking wheels on < 1990 BMWs.
I was indeed thinking M5 wheels or Alpina. I am keeping an eye on ebay and classified around where I live. Some shadowline door and bumper trim would be nice as well, I'll keep the window chrome. My neighbourhood is mostly Turkish and Bulgarian/Russian, there's like 8 E39 in my street!Looks alright here:
I got myself a new used BMW as well. This was owned by retired people with a mecanician son. It has 85k miles/137k km on the odometer and everything is stock except the thing that regulates the amount of gas getting into the engine. At first I wanted an E34, but I couldn't find one that was flawless and with low mileage, so I will keep looking. In the meantime, I will have to get new wheels as well and get replacement interior trim so I can paint them or wrap them in...
A bit worn but with new MMM insoles, I am selling my pair of sneakers from Margiela's line 22. They fit like a true 43 and come without box.
Bought for the girlfriend but are too big. They fit TTS. Were a bit worn by the previous owner, but look in very good shape. Come with dustbag. Shipped from Berlin.
this is relevant, i think
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