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Made me think of: http://jalopnik.com/5919954/how-i-saved-a-coked-up-miles-davis-after-he-crashed-his-lamborghini "Jazz great Miles Davis loved his little Italian cars, but his reckless side took over one day and he crashed the car while carrying a few bags of white powder. Director and car collector James Glickenhaus just happened to be driving along the same stretch of road and jumped out to help."
I like small wheels, it's just that those ones aren't fitting to a vintage car, they look like the ones kids put on their MkII Golf.That's what I had in mind:
This is pretty but needs 15" Alpina wheels. Fast.
Thanks. It's a 523i with the M52B25 (TÜV?). I inspected the belt and cannot see any crack or fluid on it, but I was planning on changing it when I replace the water pump (for peace of mind) this summer. Good idea about the plugs, I will pull one out to see if they were changed before or not. I am doing a front brake pad job in the next 2 weeks, I have to find a garage with tools first (apparentely this is how you work on your car here, since you're not allowed to do it in...
Are you sure about this?I'm asking because I know my e39 was well taken care of by the previous owner's son (a mechanic), but I have no idea about how far did he take care of it and what I should do first. I know that everything is stock except the fuel flow sensor/meter, the water pump and anything suspension was never changed (might do a full cooling system replacement this year just to be sure, car has 141k km/87k miles).
I'd go for the m6 wheels for sure. Keeping that clean stock look.
A bit worn but in very good condition, those shoes come from Hedi Slimane's last collection for Dior Homme in 2007. They fit a size 43 (9.5). I am willing to share the shipping prices, but please add 5€ for Europe and 10€ worldwide.
Worn, but in good conditions. Will fit a size 43 (9.5US). From 2004's Hedi Slimane collection for Dior Homme. I am willing to share the shipping prices, but please add 5€ for Europe and 10€ worldwide.
BBS RS LM would look good on it. But they're pretty expensive. 5 double spoke or mesh wheels usually look good on E60s.
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