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This is pretty but needs 15" Alpina wheels. Fast.
Thanks. It's a 523i with the M52B25 (TÜV?). I inspected the belt and cannot see any crack or fluid on it, but I was planning on changing it when I replace the water pump (for peace of mind) this summer. Good idea about the plugs, I will pull one out to see if they were changed before or not. I am doing a front brake pad job in the next 2 weeks, I have to find a garage with tools first (apparentely this is how you work on your car here, since you're not allowed to do it in...
Are you sure about this?I'm asking because I know my e39 was well taken care of by the previous owner's son (a mechanic), but I have no idea about how far did he take care of it and what I should do first. I know that everything is stock except the fuel flow sensor/meter, the water pump and anything suspension was never changed (might do a full cooling system replacement this year just to be sure, car has 141k km/87k miles).
I'd go for the m6 wheels for sure. Keeping that clean stock look.
A bit worn but in very good condition, those shoes come from Hedi Slimane's last collection for Dior Homme in 2007. They fit a size 43 (9.5). I am willing to share the shipping prices, but please add 5€ for Europe and 10€ worldwide.
Worn, but in good conditions. Will fit a size 43 (9.5US). From 2004's Hedi Slimane collection for Dior Homme. I am willing to share the shipping prices, but please add 5€ for Europe and 10€ worldwide.
BBS RS LM would look good on it. But they're pretty expensive. 5 double spoke or mesh wheels usually look good on E60s.
Congrats on the M5. Put back the stock grill, buy yourself a nice set of wheels and sell those painted monstrosities and you've got yourself a keeper.
I see dozens of Phaeton every day. First generation still looks good and sell for less than BMW E60s. I just would be worried about not being able to do anything myself on the car and have to go to the dealer very often. But if you can deal with that, it's a more rational choice than most if not all luxury saloon cars.
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