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It is a useless debate if you can't understand how great performance wagon are, but since you don't see them often in America and can't test drive them, I can understand. I was once driven in an Audi A6 Allroad (the V6, previous model, so not even close to a 63AMG or M5 in term of performance), and was really amazed at the acceleration, which is in the 7 second to the 100 km/h. There isn't that many rolling things that are as comfortable and secure while at the same time...
Gonna leave this here.
For sale a pair of worn Common Projects that I don't wear anymore. Those were bought back in 2007 and worn quite a bit. I decided not to clean them for the picture because they look amazing like this but I can indeed clean them before if you want to. The inside and outside soles are in good condition and they still have a lot of life in them. It's a size 42 italian so it fits 43. Sent from Germany.
For sale very nice pair of low Lanvin sneakers with patent and reversed leather. They're a size 11 which means they fit 44-44.5. Very good conditions, come with dustbag, original box and spare laces. Sent from Germany.
For sale a brand new pair of Dior Homme B24 sneakers from 2006. They come with their original dustbag and are virtually brand new (I wore them out twice). Grab yourself a bargain and a piece of menswear history. Size is 42.5 (IT) which means they fit 43-43.5. Shipped from Germany.
Understated vintage maybe ?
I have seen it in London and then Berlin. Maybe I should go see it in Paris just to say i've seen the same exhibition three times in 3 different cities. Was brilliant indeed.
I quite like the 360 Scuderia as well, which design wise bears more of its roundness, and performance wise is probably better than stock 430. I don't know how they price though. But mostly I just want a F355 spider with a manual gearbox to cruise around in the summer with the sound of the V8 echoing through the valley in the south of France where my grandparents live (they'd hate me if I drove a Ferrari though). Like this:...
430 doesn't look good at all though. I'd say the rear of the 360 looks better and the front... I don't know I remember seeing an ok kit but I can't remember who made it, Novitec, Rennsport or something like that. Edit: nah it's just the F430 Scuderia. I quite like the front. Racing stripes are ridiculous though.
All recent BMW's steering wheel and interior scream: Drive the hell out of me !!!
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