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Saw one of those accelerating in front of me today in Hamburg. First time I saw one in real life, the V8 sounded awesome and it was really understated in grey.
My calf DR from late 2009 still looks close from new (with a few dents and stuff) and is still rather stiff. On the other hand, the 2010 lamb moto I own shows a lot more wear on the leather especially at the wrist and around the stitches. Different uses though. I have to stop using the DR around march because otherwise I just die of warmth.
If you get something slightly older like a 240, it will be even easier to work on. But I wouldn't worry that much about it. They don't require that much maintenance and you often see Volvos with 500k km on them.
Common guys. Talk about cars or send each other private messages. No one cares about your little beefs.
I wouldn't know but something tells me you don't need $100k to service a GT-S. Maserati MC12, sure.
Funny thing I see those pictures I took of my B01 on the internet really often.
This happened on mine as well afer a few months of wear. I brought them to a cobbler who added a piece of beige leather on both.I've since then worn them for 4 years without any problem.And that's how they look like now
Funny they just released a review of the latest LG phone on Engadget today, it doesn't look so bad but according to the review, not exactly as good as either the One X or the GSIII. Still seems a LOT better than all of their previous ones, which for some didn't even get upgraded to ICS.http://www.engadget.com/2012/07/09/lg-optimus-4x-hd-review-runner-up-to-the-quad-core-throne/+1 on stock Android look. I have always changed ROM and stuff on my phones so it's usually what I...
^ I am satisfied with it. It's not the best screen ever but it is already really good. LG phones have all kind of problems and have never reached Samsung or Apple's standard. And I personally prefer Android over iOS so I don't consider an iPhone an alternative.If you don't mind rooting there is an app that unlocks it anyway. I got mine for 170€ with a 25€/month contract.
I have had one for nearly a month now. This is a really really good phone. I had a GS2 before and really like it, didn't exactly see the benefit of upgrading. But with the Galaxy S3, everything that was slightly sub-par or annoying got replaced by very pleasant and powerful. The screen is really really good whatever people say, it is I think as good as the One X. When it comes to the camera, it doesn't have the same camera as the iPhone 4S, but a tweaked version of the...
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