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I made some nicer pictures. They're white and green.
Worn but in very good condition, I sell my Alden cordovan leather derbies that I got from a friend recently. He had them resoled and had a toe metal pad installed. They have a little scar on the right side but it's not really noticeable. They fit a size 43/9.5US. No box or anything, sorry.
High quality vintage treated light denim Helmut Lang jacket. Worn a couple of times but it's not really my kind of clothes. Retail was around $450. Dimensions Shoulders: 47.5cm Length (Collar to Bottom): 70cm Armpit to Armpit: 56 cm Arm Length: 72cm
Add $5
I might have posted here too much but after a month and a half I still really like it. The only thing that bothers me is that it's not the most beautiful object although it's not horrible either and the blue colour is growing on me.
I lived for the most part last year and mostly only used the chip in atms, otherwise in other places you can just use the magnetic thing and... sign.
Gotta love Sweden's sense of trust sometimes. The only country I know (isn't the US like this as well ?) where you pay with the magnetic piece of the visa card for everything. I had this page on my bookmark for a while but I know this would have been a bad idea.,mod=12&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8&q=track+1+2+dump
Shameless plug but I'm selling a pair of those in 44 just in case someone's interested.
Not sure 0.1 second and 1mpg qualifies as faster and better mileage. Sounds like the same to me. I sat in the latest 320d and 335d and liked them a lot.On a side note there's a 550i Touring (not tuned engine that sits in the latest M5 if I'm not mistaken) that drives around my neighbourhood every morning when I go to work. The grunt of the V8 is pretty nice. It's got no badge no nothing, just a massive rectangular exhaust on each side. That thing looks like a beast.
Bought impulsively, this suit is slightly too tight for me. It was worn once. Size 48, Made in Italy, 2 buttons, 100% Virgin Wool. Jacket Shoulders: 45cm Sleeves: 65cm Armpit: 54cm Total Length (front): 83cm Pants: Waist: 42cm Length: 107cm Hem: 19cm Shipped from Germany.
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