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Most sought after Yves Saint Laurent Rolling in size 4/9.5 (TTS). They are virtually brand new and only worn out once. Very comfortable and amazing leather quality. Made in Spain.
Why don't they make a new M coupe ? I really like the latest Z4 design and although they already have 3 coupes, if they made it light it could be a great little car.
Picture I took quickly with the OTG cable and a 8GB USB Stick (it works with my 2TB external HDD as well)
Probably not much more expensive that's why I said it wouldn't have made it more expensive. It's just that they want their customers and people in general to use cloud services... or push them into rooting and buying an OTG Cable.
I had one for more than a week now. While I bought it initially to bring on my next holiday to watch some movies in the plane, use hotel wifi and find my way in Asia, then sell it when I come back, I found some nice uses to it and really like it so far. -iTunes/VLC Remote: very convenient while watching movies in bed or listening to music on the balcony without access to the computer. -DSLR Remote: I can see so many uses for this although so far I have only used it for...
I was at the Jil Sander flagship store last time and when the sales person showed it to me he said "I would rather put my money into something else if I'm honest"
I reserved a Golf when they gave me the Nissan :/ ... I have a BMW 1 series or Golf GTI reserved for next weekend end I hope they don't give me something stupid instead.
Haha I can imagine. Fortunately this isn't South of France or a Mediterranean country but in parking areas and narrow street I didn't feel too confident about it.
I drove in Germany for one of the first time since I moved there. Went to the North of the country using the Autobahn, gotta love cruising at 160km/h legally with the limiter on. I rented a Nissan Qashqai, too big of a car for me but they didn't have anything else in that class. Comfortable car that's for sure, but sucks too much gas.
No thanks.
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