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Delta Integrale's scream "Hey I have car taste!". Can't be a bad thing I guess. Also I know everyone loves combi muscle cars so
Worn but in very good condition, I sell my Alden cordovan leather derbies that I got from a friend recently. He had them resoled and had a toe metal pad installed. They have a little scar on the right side but it's not really noticeable. They fit a size 43/9.5US. No box or anything, sorry.
If it's a track car then I guess style wasn't exactly the ultimate goal. still looks ugly.
Exactly, like P-K-L said. It's the same in every country I guess, it's just that in Germany they speed legally. In my experience there is construction work every 30 minutes of driving anyway, but it does feel good to drive at the speed you want to drive without the knowledge that you could get caught and have to pay a big fine.
same really. I once drove from Berlin to Frankfurt and on the quickest part the quickest cars were jetta/golf/passat tdi. it's different trom time, day of the week and roads I guess but it seems to me like the cars that wagon cars are the ones which their owner drive the quickest.
Seems to me like on the Autobahn when it's quiet and the conditions are good, the cruising speed is around 160-170, with the occasional quicker people.
I live east of the Reeperbahn but I am moving to Berlin still looking for a flat at the moment and looking for a job there I often check for left hand drive cars to import and found this:'s a sub $40k F355......
I have seen it as well. I don't know which one I like best, but they both really left a mark on my vision of cinema and narration and all. The atmosphere is just staggering.
I haven't been wearing this coat enough recently and I think it deserves a new home, although I am still hesitating about keeping it because it is a really badass looking coat, very well made. Condition is say 9/10, there is no wear or tear but I owned it for more than 2 years now. "Water-resistant cotton outer. Cotton lining. Detachable faux-fur collar. Belted. Cuffs can be laced up. Not quite knee-length, but almost. The bottom of the coat can be buttoned up for when...
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