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yo this is all from my private stock all denim is 125 shipped in the us of a/canada if youre further away, shop closer to home? or pay for shipping i only take google check out, or cash if youre local to me. send pm's or email ( if you have any questions. all denim is brand spanking new, with tags when applicable tons of clothing to come from mhi, nice collective, surface 2 air, etc! diesel koffha 32x32 jl sport i forgot...
i can get it...we have that in the green oak at brigade
with our can
the inside is quilt lined, it is a very warm casual jacket by no means should you go shooting quails or beaver *snicker* in it in a blizzard. this is a great alternative to a ndg shawl/m65 jacket
suiting sizes 38,40,42,44 im a large and i wear a 42
gents brigade has the rag & bone PLAID hunting jacket! a preview, prior to it being on the site this week...
dsquared, lol 1997 called, they want their fashions back this stuff was dope when hypercolor tee's were cutting edge
in a world of huge news, this is only minor brigade now has online checkout and prices on ALL OF OUR NOM de GUERRE stock! yes, your discount works on it as well, so check it out. to say we are almost sold out, might be the understatement of the month.
i got a little info i can share & help maybe back in the days, i was 5'11 and 215 like 6% bodyfat and could only wear size 36 g star raw's and diesel macrowills when it came to nicer denim. now a days im 5'11 and 185 and wear a 33/34 in everything. your denim issue lies in the size of the thigh on the denim, get longer lenths, thus bigger thigh denim, so a 34x34 g star will fit you if a 36x32 g star does, and then just get them tailored!
as the vendor with them , i can honestly say the line is very well designed, the materials are great for the pricing and for what its supposed to compete/compliment its a great line!
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