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all replied to, again! got some orders, thank you! as well, this pre order will end 10/19/2007 i cant give #'s but the pricing is very very good. i will scan the t shirts/accessories/color options for you guys this weekend
no, store promotions on current season stuff is exchangeable/returnable but lets say stuff from spring would be final sale
all replied! ill scan the pics of the tee's other stuff tonight for you all
guys, ill have all the emails/pms replied to this am for you! as well, fok, can you make this a sticky icky? please and thanks botfc: i believe theyre black and classic fit, not narrow. asobu: if you like fall, sign up for our newsletter, special sale sat & sun only!
like all my pricing, it will be good, PLUS a discount for the preorder pricing, versus in stock pricing. you know how we do
if youre not signed up for our newsletter yet, better hop to it! we will be having a "subscribers only" sale starting friday! as well, check the ndg ss08 pre order thread!
No prices posted here, of course. But heres the pics and please EMAIL ME ( Tell me the Item, Picture Number, Item Name, anything and ill get you pricing and DISCOUNT INFO! Thanks Guys!
i did not sir! that was a prior arrangement, prior to yadda yadda?
Brand New Nice Collective! If youre interested in one of the items, send me an email to and ill let you know the pricing. Thanks & be on the look out for our Nom de Guerre S/S 08 Pre Order that will START TODAY!
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