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tons of new stuff up! hurry before all the corpus, b son, wrath arcane, g star, etc is gone!
loads of new stuff going up right now and the rest of the weekend! if youve never ordered from us before, use the code "newrecruit" and youll get 15% off one time only!
you can check out still at the fashion show mall for decent brands tell todd, the owner, justin from brigade in cleveland told you to check it out!
my monitor died on monday everything is shipped however. send me an email or let me know your order # and ill gladly give you your tracking
Quote: Originally Posted by TyCooN I see that Brigade has my credit card info saved, because I just placed an order. I can't find where my credit card info is saved in my account though. How does this system work? you can change the info on next check out. it just basically stores the last info put in. to my knowledge with it
all replied again. new info comin tomorrow
day 1 was awesome guys, thank you. we are thinking about doing this at random every couple months for ya 2 days left!
3rd street, lets make it happen =]
a laugh riot today sirs and chrono which item is it?!
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