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new goods online from schmoove, umbro by kim jones, arlinghaus, mhi and more !
the berliner is on sale too i forgot to mark it, ill do it asap we will be having a big time sale for the holidays keep those eyes peeled, newsletter members will get the lowdown first
more stuff on sale! and tons of new arrivals for the fella's check it out. all our shoes will be up by friday night as well
size up when purchasing and be prepared for all style no substance but for your dollar, best deal around
got some corpus on sale for you guys now too
im not sure if its listed always ask i have 2 pairs of black classics and 2-4 pairs of regular left, ill update it today
i do which color
guys just got two b son two tone french pullovers back in stock size small and size large get em before theyre gone
ps if youre on this forum, you do know you get 10% off, so thats like a mini sale! and if youve never bought before/used the 1st time buyer discount, you get 15% off!
no corpus....yet no s2a jewels im afraid
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