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heys guys im going to end this today i shouldve ended it friday the 7th, not 14th my mistake so get all your orders in today please
flight rain is very much more reasonable than that! as well as the marina in addition all emails are replied to. thanks guys
sorry guys, i totally forgot i havent updated this all the pre ordering must be done by dec 15th so lets have at it, remember if you want more info/pics/prices/etc email over to !
gents so sorry for the lack of posting on my behalf meetings and sales make justin a tired fellow anyways, the sale went smashingly, and weve decided to do another in a little while so stay on your toes! and you have about 18 days to finish off your ndg pre orders
wrath is our house label at clothing brigade. it is designed and created by my partner on the webstore. in its very young age it has already achieved a lot, including winning gen art's best new brand award. if you have any other questions please email me, thanks!
one discount, always. they fit very true to size imo
no time for a photo shoot
post questions here
all of our surface 2 air paris shoes are now ready to be purchased!!! check em out while supplies last (this is our 2nd reorder this fall!)
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