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PRICE DROP! jordans - 500 raheems - 350 everything else down by 100! get em before theyre gone.
i put em on both sites the artist is a good friend, i didnt even say these are my taste either and littlebadbuff, try to calm down a bit sally pricing is as follows sals - 350 buggin out jordan - 650 radio raheem - 500 ps3 dunk - 375 af1 - 400 lmk anything else
a good buddy of our store and local art talent made these 1/1 nike shoes most of em representing ideas from the movie "do the right thing" check em out and let me know if youre interested!
Quote: Originally Posted by Bergdorf Goodwill I kind of remember an American Apparel -- I spent more time in the area when I'd go see bands play at the Grog Shop, which predates that AA being there. Saw Dungen, Cave In, Pelican, Wolf Eyes, all kinds of stuff there. What sort of denim do you stock? The website's kinda sparse... crate corpus rag & bone j lindeberg g star raw ksubi s2a paris when available some others im...
sam whats up amigo coventry store is literally across from AA and next to the mint cafe ghulk i do remember, i also remember you want that m sixty 5'r
hey guys im very excitied to be a part of your forum and i look forward to sharing all kinds of awesome deals with you. please email me if there are any items you have an intrest in while i work to fix our server on our webstore! thank you -justin
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