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i carry the rb6 and rb15 the rb6 is a loose straight leg, the rb15 is just straight the rb1 is a relaxed straight if i remember right, so rb6 would be pretty close
good lord, i know right the add to cart button shouldnt be enabled.
sorry! style10 totally creative Yo! our webstore is officially open now! styleforum discount code is available too! brands may appear a tad sparse, but on monday we will be adding, g star raw, j lindeberg, more rag and bone, more oak, more everything!
yes we are
Quote: Originally Posted by Wyndam-Matson Certainly, yes. thats cool we have the full line in stock, so email for pricing!
shoot, is NDG all we care about this month? BBlessing, for those who dont know, is a Break Beat Science and Surface 2 Air colaboration, as well as a nice little shop in NYC MHI is Maharishi's skate and casual line OAK is another NYC shop with a nice and creative line of t-shirts and other basics. Check it out!
whats up guys im proud to bring you some sweet goods in our very 1st official affiliate thread! i have brand new fall 2007 bblessing, mhi and oak for you. please email me, or pm for pricing, due to our agreements with our suppliers we never post prices publicly unless its on our soon to open webstore. we do all cc's via our secure credit card gateway. and now on with the show, so to speak! all sizes, s-xl are available OAK...
b son cowl neck!
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