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i just got some dunk hi vandal's in red i plan to wear em with apc and a grey s2a kate moss hoodie fin
i say we make this happen
yea the second thing! we have had tons of idiot orders lately most of the issue was with our prior cc processor, f'in horrible! a mod/admin/affiliate thread would be cool imho
I think we need our own affiliate forum, after some recent nonsense involving chargebacks and whatnot it might be helpful to help each other out in the future? Fok what do you think?
all orders have been shipped let me know if anyone else needs anything! thanks
just shoot me an email or pm and i can help ya out
we have a "new recruit" code for one time 15% off for "new customers" also!
this is still good, some pms came in, figured id bump this aa or alt apparel currently thanks
just so you guys all know 30% off goes til monday! and we have free shipping on anything usa/canada and int'l for sf members only! always the best - from us to you
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