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Quote: Originally Posted by dsoren I noticed this as well, very interesting. I was in Vegas this week and the guy at Barney's told me that all of the RL outlets get RRL at crazy discounts during the summer months. Anyone know anything about this? This is true. Deeeeep discounts. Got off-white selvedge denim for about $30 a few summers ago, and just a few months ago got some navy cords for $15.
yeah, what that guy said above. Get the ones that are cotton. the ones with poly could probably repel rain better, but they don't look as good. The pic above does look like the DB trench that I have from Uniqlo.
I got this pair here at the Barney's warehouse sale this past summmer. $90. They make a good and more rugged substitute for my clarks DBs. They weren't too over the top with the contrast stitching or lacing or multi-paneling either. If you look closely in the picture, there is an embossed imprint on the back of this boot of their gorilla logo. The pair I copped thankfully didn't have this. They ran big,...
Recently scored the grey ones and the brown ones in the middle at the Clarks outlet. They were $25 each, but if you buy two, the second pair is $10 off. So, basically, two pairs for a total of $40.
I have various brands of these no-show socks, and really, the best are the ones from Payless Shoes. Really. Look for the Dexter brand.
I thought Yeezy specifically said that he has never had, and never will have, a Twitter account, and has said any out there are frauds.
Check out Cole Haans for a somewhat affordable bucks. I also have some old Bass ones that have held up well, and wear them casually still.
Got some on goldtoe ones at amazon in a 3 pair for $18. These are great, they have a little rubber thing above the heel to help keep the sock from falling in your shoe.
The weather in NYC and the holiday this past weekend were perfect for this type of colorful patchwork madras jacket. I almost wore my patchwork Madras tie yesterday (I settled on a pink/green/yellow paisley Lanvin tie I found last year for about $12). I also wore red-brick bottom saddle shoes. Nevermind the criticism about the fit -- very appropriate for your age and size. finally congrats on the GQ and Complex magazine print features. Goes to show how much...
Looking for the following: Uniqlo +J Jil Sander Fall/Winter 2009 Navy wool pants in size 33 I bought the blazer, regret not getting the pants to match.
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