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Paul stuart navy suit sz 38R:
do shoulders seem too small?
Time for some cardio then =/
any insight?
Each suit is the same make; Stuart II
Sorry for the poor light, ghetto background, and low resolution. Pinstripe SZ 38. Issues: the chest is ~41 which is the same size of my chest. There is a lot of rolling? on the back.       This is my solid navy blue PS suit SZ 39.       PS: I also sorry I make you download every image. I don't know how put pictures straight to post.
I feel that a 39 would be better, I'm 20 and I workout often. The 38 is a little snug.
NEW: (Normal Background) Paid $60+(unknown for tailoring)- pre owned. Size 39       new is slightly larger, 100% wool, a lot cheaper, not yet tailored, single pleat along the cease, not cuffed, slightly darker OLD: (Red Background) Size 38       1% cashmere, double pleat, cuffed, no blet loops, very form fitting. Both navy blue with pinstripes (light gray), fully canvassed, Made in canada, Paul stuart.
I have a blue pinstriped suit, its a wool/cashmere blend. I just bought one very similar, a size up because I got a killer deal on it but its 100% wool. Both fully canvassed from Paul Stuart. Was this an impulsive buy?
How is the quality of the HF label below? Also, how does it compare to a Burberry London suit? Thanks  
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