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Art school post-grad shows. Kindergarten; bargains.
dump her before it's too late. you know the future... Do it. Now!
Of course he is. So are you. So am I. So is everyone who wastes time contributing to this bullsh*t.
small, small toys for small, small boys.
Insects, like dogs, smell fear. You've probably answered your own question.
Quote: Originally Posted by erdavis I don't wear anything with a logo, ever. The reason is that the style and design should be its calling card. Also, I figure why should I be a billboard for someone by wearing their logo? +1 (with the exception of sports stuff, used for sports.)
Don't Church's do something similar?
After last night's shenanigans I not only have sideburns.
Quote: Originally Posted by Britalian I remember a Tom Waits observation, during his '99/'00 tours, that in big cities everybody likes really small cigarette lighters, while in really, really small towns they like really huge lighters, likening them to Encyclopaedie Brittanica, shooting flames 130 feet high. Mine is the size of an encyclopaedia, and I live in the city.
In my experiences in all countries I suggest there is a greater propensity for North Americans and the British to dress in abominations that other countries' populations wouldn't be seen dead in.
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