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Are those the faded jeans? I didn't get them because I thought they looked TOO faded, but the ones on you don't.
Just ordered this one (#251) for the exact reasons you mentioned.
I'm also curious about the Chucks conversion ratio. I'm a 10UK in Forest and a 10.5 in Chucks. Should I order the sport trainer in a 10.5 or 11?
Just arrived. 757 scotch grain
Oh man. Those look great! I can't wait.
Me too! @steveyoo1983 Does that mean they are shipping from the store?
I know this is kind of specific, but if the Hardie is about an inch too short all around, should I order 1 or 2 extra inches on the heirloom? I don't want to do end up doing something stupid, but based on the measurements, the heirloom is 2 inches shorter than the Hardie.
@Epaulet Hey Mike, what's up with the EFF pants that were supposed to be delivered to the store last Friday? Still haven't gotten a shipping notice.
Steve, Do you have any sense on whether the brown scotch grain split toe GMTO from December will be arriving in early April or late April? Thanks.
Mike, would you mind giving me a rundown on the two charcoal vbc fabrics? I'm looking for a year-round staple work suit.
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