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If I'm a 39 in Southwick, should I take the 38 or 40 in Samuelsohn?
Hi all, I'm new to Hober ties. Looking to buy GGT#16 (forest green) and GGT#3 (burgundy) but they're both out of stock. Are these restocked regularly? Or are they gone for good / long time?
How long does it usually take for swatches to ship, and do you get a shipping notice? I ordered some two weeks ago but haven't heard anything.
Thanks, maybe I misunderstood Mike's comment about labels from the 80's
Maybe a dumb question, but any concern about the integrity of shirting fabric that's been sitting around for that long?
Do the $295 Benjamin sport coats come with one of these hangers?
How does the 14oz indigo Cone Mills compare to the Kaihara?
Anyone else still waiting on a ff jacket shipping notice?
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