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Hi guys, I was thinking of getting the rounded club collar on one of the plaid shirts, but I feel like whenever I see club collars, it's either with a tie, or tieless but with the top button buttoned hipster style. Would a club collar look good just casually with top button undone?
@Epaulet Any longs in the sweaters? If not, how does the length compare to the first round of NW cardigans? +2 on that one was perfect for me.
Hi @Epaulet, will the Somelos EFF shirts be delivered by Christmas?
If you don't mind me asking, what are the discounts on stock goods at the trunk show?
Sorry to spam the thread, but I recall people specifically asking if anyone was willing to part with the recent EFF madras shirts. Navy/Sand Handloom Madras and Rainbow in the Dark Madras for sale in size medium. PM me.
Hey @Epaulet, Do you have any update on the New England EFF from end of March? I didn't save the email but I thought it was a 6-8 week delivery window. Thanks!
If I order a long, does the sleeve length automatically scale or would I choose long sleeves as well?
@EpauletI have a vague recollection of ordering some EFF madras shirts about a month ago. Can you remind me what the delivery window for that batch was?
I wear a 32 in both rivets and walts and they fit great. Picked up my first driggs in the same size this week and they feel super baggy in the thighs and crotch--when I walk they bunch up in an unflattering way across my thighs. Any chance there's an easy tailoring fix for this? These were from the sale section, so if not, anyone want khaki ducks in size 32?
@Epaulet How does the REDA compare to the color of the standard grey hopsack Epaulet always carries? Lighter or darker?
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