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Mike, could you also stretch the body of the heirloom? How much extra length do you think you could safely get?
I do and they're identical, though I hear there can be some slight variation batch to batch.
Mike, how warm will the new corduroys wear?
Olive Doyle Wilshires Snuff suede mocs
I ordered a pair of Benjos boot laces for my Carmina jumpers and the tips of the laces wouldn't fit through the metal eyelets. Does anyone have a rec for good boot laces to replace the crappy Carmina ones, but that will still fit through Carmina eyelets?
I've been wearing the navy overdye henley a lot lately, and I wanted to say (1) it's great, everyone should buy one of the henleys, and (2) Mike, please keep the longer body length for the long sleeve version.
In light of all the other good stuff going on, please feel free to ignore these greedy questions: (1) Any update on the last round of FF sport coats? (2) When can we expect long-sleeve, heavy-weight henleys?
Oh that's a huge bummer. I understand how FF works, but Mike, any chance of a Keystone fit round of FF?
Epaulet by Southwick. Part of Epaulet's Factory Finds collection. Unfortunately, I gambled on the size and it's a little big on me. Brand new with tags, unaltered, and only tried on in the house. Asking much less than I paid. It's a medium charcoal glen plaid with a very subtle purple overcheck. It's 100% wool with a medium-heavy 13.75 oz weight. It's the "Weller" model, meaning it has a constructed shoulder, inset pockets with flaps at the hip, breast welt, and full...
Thanks! Very helpful.
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