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In light of all the other good stuff going on, please feel free to ignore these greedy questions: (1) Any update on the last round of FF sport coats? (2) When can we expect long-sleeve, heavy-weight henleys?
Oh that's a huge bummer. I understand how FF works, but Mike, any chance of a Keystone fit round of FF?
Epaulet by Southwick. Part of Epaulet's Factory Finds collection. Unfortunately, I gambled on the size and it's a little big on me. Brand new with tags, unaltered, and only tried on in the house. Asking much less than I paid. It's a medium charcoal glen plaid with a very subtle purple overcheck. It's 100% wool with a medium-heavy 13.75 oz weight. It's the "Weller" model, meaning it has a constructed shoulder, inset pockets with flaps at the hip, breast welt, and full...
Thanks! Very helpful.
There doesn't seem to be any consensus in the shoe care threads, so I figured I'd ask Mike and go with whatever he says: Renovateur or Sahphir cordovan polish for occasional shell maintenance?
I get so much wear out of those basic charcoal houndstooths. Congrats to whoever snags those.
So are the indigo dyed and midnight overdyed a bit thicker? Or are they the same?
Just ordered the last of the wool-cash Navy check. But I'm afraid it will be lonely in transit... and there are still 2 olive and golds left.
Interesting. Based on that swatch, I would not have expected the final product to 'pop' as it does. That makes me think the Olive and Gold may turn out pretty similar.
I can't decide! OR Do you think the first one would be wearable with grey hopsacks? The description says 'true navy' but the picture looks greyish.
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