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Anyone pick up the hoodie? I'd love to hear some reviews.
Today was like Christmas! I came home to two FF shirts and a box of close-out sale stuff that SVB proxied (thanks!). Napoli hopsack FF grey herrinbone plaid Grey hopsack walts FF gauzy buffalo check Hawthorne suede mocs Oxford grey flannel walts (not new)
Mike, does this mean that all of the FF mediums have shipped? Or are we still waiting on some?
I'd say 30's through 50's, though I've worn it when it's been in the 20's too. Probably not great for rain since it's just unlined wool.
I love my grey CPO. Wearing it today since old man winter decided he wanted to be an asshole one last time.
[[SPOILER]] I apologize, I know this has been asked before, but I'm still not clear on it. When should we expect all the FF shirts to be delivered? Your post makes it sound like they have all been fixed by now.
Took some better pictures.
SVB, you're the man.Mike, I hate to be a pain in the ass, but would you be able to give us a general sense of what kind of discount on what types of merchandise we might be expecting? SVB is doing God's work, and I don't want him to go through the effort of collecting a bunch of orders if his commission/shipping would basically negate any potential discount.
In that case, I (and a few others here) are going to insist you do a DC trunk show.
The Santa Monica shop is closing?? I hope that was by design and not because things weren't going well. Also, any chance that the "heavily discounted prices" for the close-out stuff could be offered to SF members who aren't lucky enough to live nearby?
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