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Is that all of them in the drop-down menu, and it's just the pics that are slow? Or are there more coming?ETA: Anyone who's a size 31, should immediately buy all three of those REDAs. Don't think, just do it.
Ha, exactly. I'm balancing the fact that they would serve the same function against the fact that the REDA hopsacks are realllly nice.
Are the champagne REDAs too close to the sunset wheat REDAs I already have?
FYI, for anyone who feels like these are "flat" out of the box, a quick light coat of lexol conditioner really brings out the depth and color variations
Since the hh sneakers are unfinished, I assume that means they don't have all the oils in them that shell has. Does that mean we should be conditioning regularly for long life and to keep them from drying out or cracking?
@Epaulet - In anticipation of receiving the unfinished horsehides, can you remind us how you cared for the sport trainer sample? I want to go for that golden color you had after a couple of months.
Thanks, everyone. I know cuffing was the obvious option but I thought it might look too bulky at the wrists. Glad to hear that works with this style.
Got the shawl in derby today. Love it but the sleeves are a bit long. Any easy fix for that?
@sacafotos @heldentenorI can't firmly commit yet, but you can add me to the interested list for Polo on Victory or Tomir.
$25? Typo or am i missing a discount code? Thanks.
New Posts  All Forums: