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Anyone else still waiting on a ff jacket shipping notice?
@NWTeal @eljlakers @dfgiop @steveyoo1983 I'm in for GMTO #2
Are there still longsleeve henleys on the horizon or were those replaced by the longsleeve jerseys? On that note, I love the longsleeve jerseys. If you are re-ordering those, might I recommend deep forest, deep burgundy, and oatmeal. I would buy one of each.
Hi all, I'm completely new to the GMTO game, but I'm interested in #2. Is there an estimated cost and ETA?
Hi Mike, haven't had an update on the ff sportcoats in a while. Please tell me you're close to getting the rest of them in.
If anyone has started using the waterproof polish, I would love to hear some reviews.
Get a large. I'm 6'1, 165 lbs, 38/39 chest. The medium was too tight for my liking. The large is perfect. Comfortable, but still slim-fitting. Because of the thickness of the material, I think it looks better when it drapes more like a sweatshirt (see Tricky's pic above) than a skin-tight t-shirt.
I apologize if this has been asked (quick search didn't turn anything up), but have those of you in the US been hit with customs duties?
I second this for sure. I think I'm going to return my medium and size up.
I got one of the long-sleeve jersey T's and the medium seems to fit very tight (at least compared to the short-sleeve henley i have). Would you expect this to stretch out with some wear or should I size up and maybe run it through a hot dryer?
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