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How is the wrinkling on the Loake Pimlicos after some use? And the color... On their own website the dark brown looks pretty light, and on the pictures in this thread they look pretty dark. Thoughts?
Hi! I'm searching for a otter green or brown Filson 257 Briefcase, preferably never used but new condition will do as well. Max retail price at 260 USD. Worth knowing may be that you have to be able to ship to Sweden. Thank you, Niurenius Edit: I got it handled - bought!
Hi! Im new to the forum, in fact, this is my first post, so i may have made a bad search when i searched for the shoes im looking for, if so, please remove this post. Anyway, im looking for a pair of brown suede brogues in size 10.5 and a pair of dark brown monk straps in the same size, not suede though, maybe cordovan or perhaps grain, but please show me if you have something you think ill like. Thanks a lot! Niurenius
New Posts  All Forums: