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Quote: Originally Posted by byuntae Yeah but after a workout you want to get your body out of it's catabolic state don't you? Seeing as whey digests in 20-30 min, it'd be better suited for a PWO shake. I usually drink milk just before I go to sleep to keep my body repairing itself overnight. protein powder + milk, as whacked mentioned
Where I live it's about $16-24 per alteration =/
Black is nice but overdone these days..
Quote: Originally Posted by LSeca +1 When I see guys doing concentration curls with heavy weight, and not using strict form, I know they are gym tools. Same goes with lateral raises, which I see a lot as well. These exercises are meant to isolate relatively small muscles, form over weight is more effective at producing gains here. Agreed. I've always been a big fan of getting form right as that way you minimize injuries/accidents....
Because milk has 8 essential amino acids and occurs naturally so supposedly the body should be able to process all the nutrients?
Heh, even superman needs sunlight I've heard non-sun tans have their own problems with some skins. I'm pretty pale myself, spend 8am-4pm at work, 4-5 in transit, 5-7 at the gym, dinner at home, walk the dog (no sun) and I'm off to bed. I'm allowed about an hour of sun at work (due to breaks) oh well, I think I'm getting enough vitamin D (?)
What's the lime for? I've heard that the lime & dirt diet is very effect, but I never understood the purpose of the lime
Hey everyone, I'm planning on travelling to HK or SH in the winter and was looking to get a tailored suit from a reputatable tailor. The thing is, it would be my second suit - my first being a black (I'm 21). I hope I'm not too young for the whole tailored suit fad. I am looking to spend $1000-1500 on a suit and maybe an additional blazer, but I'm not at all familiar with the process. On Chan's website, he asks to bring your most fitted suit so you can tell him how it...
My cousins says that workplace discrimination is a big thing for her.. then again, she just got a new job (so they don't really know what she's like), was married within 3 years and wonders why the company is pressuring her for an answer whether or not she'll have a baby and have to go on maternal leave I've been with my girlfriend for 3 years... I pretty much always end up paying. She's paid for a few $20 meals but I'm always stuck with the $100 dollar meals...
Thanks for the input. I add in Arnold presses if I still have energy, I'm usually pooped after the squats though I was actually deciding if I'd go the whole back (with deadlifts and lat pulldowns) but I figured I'll start learning them after I perfect and strengthen the muscles used in the squat and after I cut down on any excess fat (looking for an "as close to a 6 pack" as I can get) before I resume a full range of exercises. I did lat pulldowns when until I...
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