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where you live also affects how mallable your hair is I normally live in Vancouver (I'm asian) and at home my hair is stiff and hard but when I was studying in London, England, the water there was heavier (my cousins said it had more minerals) and I didn't have to use gel or anything to style my hair after washing.
Quote: Originally Posted by DrCool1978 I like this, very nice. I prefer it to the first one.
I'm going to 2nd Dry-Fit I tend to wear dry-fit T-shirts or dry-fit sleeveless by nike or adidas. The nike ones tend to be hug the body more and the adidas tend to be looser. Shorts - almost always - length ranges from knee level to 1.5 inches below the knee, I wouldn't want it any shorter or any longer. No jewellery or headbands for me.
My $90 Lacoste white shirt has the 2 buttons for the top button (not sure on the collar style) Collar is similar to LSeca's collar style I believe
Close to never
I've never considered getting one and didn't know it was so common place until I moved into the workforce. Tattoos aren't my thing. I wouldn't hate someone for it or shy away from someone but if I wanted to marry a girl, tattoos are something I'd consider as a negative. It's not that they're for losers or gangstas or what not but it's not something I'd want to get into personally, and marrying a girl would be getting intimately involved with her on a personal level.
I don't get enough protein in my diet even when I'm cutting so I feel I need it - it's not just for building muscle http://www.webmd.com/fitness-exercis...nefits-protein .
Has he tried keeping his diet the same but reducing the portions and the amount he eats? I'm not sure if I'd have my dad on protein powder, seems unnecessary.
Quote: Originally Posted by byuntae Yeah but after a workout you want to get your body out of it's catabolic state don't you? Seeing as whey digests in 20-30 min, it'd be better suited for a PWO shake. I usually drink milk just before I go to sleep to keep my body repairing itself overnight. protein powder + milk, as whacked mentioned
Where I live it's about $16-24 per alteration =/
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