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Quote: Originally Posted by dragon8 Does Peter Lee or any HK tailor carry fabrics that cost $20K. Is this in HK dollars or USD? HKD of course ... it was at Chan, not Peter Lee.
Quote: Originally Posted by dragon8 Really? Chan is much more expensive than that. His coats start at IIRC at $800-900USD. When I was picking out clothes for my jacket (I pick fabric by the colour/texture only ... I could care less about the brand, nub, I know), I saw prices from $4.Xk to $20k. I suspect it is rare someone would go for the cheaper fabrics, but as far as I am aware they do have that option.
Quote: Originally Posted by dragon8 The theory of supply and demand. No wonder the HK group does not reveal their tailors. haha seriously ... at that price I'll just stick with Chan =.=
Quote: Originally Posted by RSS At that price point ... I'd start gravitating to London. Those are HKD though, not US $$ so jacket @ $2,700 = $360 USD whereas @ $3,700 = $500 I think the English tailors are more than that, no?
Quote: Originally Posted by RogerC ^ These are from Peter Lee crazy increase, I talked to Peter 2 months ago and he quoted me $2700 for canvas jacket ... (I didn't go w/ him)
Quote: Originally Posted by il_colonnello Idiot. Reread the other post. I said that in reply to the pilot who thinks companies do "background checks" on applicants to find out if they are in the country legally. He probably thinks the MI6 is involved. lol just land in a country and live there Quote: Originally Posted by uhurit No, you will not be offered a "good" job "while on vacation", and noone will smooth anything...
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dual_en...absorptiometry dexa scan
Quote: Originally Posted by Fishball I don't think I said so. If you want a sharp clear collar, you better got the fused one. Otherwise you have to stach the collar. I think the fusing get popular since no one want to do staching. Sorry, I'm still jet lagged and I misread what you wrote initially and I thought I edited my reply. Does that mean you may only get the collar to roll with unfused collars? Quote: Originally Posted by...
Fishball: Unfused is better than fused? I guess I'll try unfused next time ... Vintage Gent: What type of buttons did you get for your Chan shirts? Mine do not look like that.
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