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Quote: Originally Posted by LucasCLarson Great story. So, what's your secret? Don't be a pussy? Add some variety to your exercise? Warm-up with these exercises? For people who warm up with row, body-weight squats, push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups ... the test is a piece of cake. For people who aren't used to these body-weight exercises it'll be tougher.
The newer apartments near Olympic rent out to $12,000 / 2 bedrooms if I remember correctly ... I can't remember how big it was, 600?.
Quote: Originally Posted by Eason I was in your exact situation until a week ago, I'll be moving to Zhu Hai (30 miles west) in August. A decent salary depends on your standard of living. Most HKnese people can live off 20k a month because they have free housing and lower taxes. Chinese students studying in HK often live off 5-6k a month because they're used to a low standard of living and eating in a small space. Keep in mind a decent apartment will run...
Quote: Originally Posted by Chadley What's the difference in lifestyle between them? Sorry if this tilts the direction of the thread a little bit (congrats on the job). It's hard to really generalize the differences in the cities unless you're more specific with the question and the context. There is very little in common between the cities except that there are many Asian people. Even this is not very accurate because the type of Asian...
Quote: Originally Posted by Valor A bird in hand is worth two in the bush. I would suggest you not turn down an offer unless you receive another. And do not tell anyone you are waiting to hear back from someone, just stall. Also, I think HK/Singapore/Zhuhai/Macau are all similar places to live given a certain lifestyle though Zhuhai is a bit more low key. Oh, btw do you speak Canto? if not HK will not be as fun as you think. I don't...
Quote: Originally Posted by Jsquxe lol its a meme heavily used on bb.com No, this is entertaining. You're not supposed to ruin it.
Quote: Originally Posted by leftover_salmon No need for mobile phone as unlimited usage one is provided by work. I'm going to get Skype at home for $10/month. Don't really need a liquor "cabinet" as I don't drink much at home, but let's say that's $100/month. Mark another $60 for taxis and $30 for cleaning. Now I'm down to $700, which is still $8400 a year before my bonus. How the fuck is it possible to only spend half of what ones makes, at least if...
I'm nervous about the Canuck's chances of getting out of round 2. I'm worried about Lou. I hope the playoffs reinvigorate him. I think Col gets demolished by SJ. I think Heatley's style will bail out Joe. I think Chicago destroys Nashville. Weber can't be on the the whole game. Obviously the Canucks will defeat the Kings. =P I think Detroit beats Phoenix. I hope the East implodes and all teams destroy each other.
Quote: Originally Posted by ArteEtLabore14 One of my biggest concerns is the social aspect of it. While I'm there, will I be able to go out and meet people or am I going to be shunned because I'm a foreigner? Seems like it would be rather boring if I spend all my free time alone. all depends on you
You can learn outside of work, dude.
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