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Quote: Originally Posted by spb_lady first variant actually we did it one day together with Matt... we've chosen a very local tea house which was crowded by people and we sat near the wall which meant that every time all the dishes were escaping faster than we managed to ask for them so we left hungry, but satisfied with a very weird cultural experience yeah, flagging down the cartswomen can be a challenge if you do not act...
Quote: Originally Posted by spb_lady I wasn't very successful with dim sum also... i'm a loser in terms of cantonese food Successful? As in "successful in flagging down the cart-person" or successful as in you couldn't successfully finish a meal?
Quote: Originally Posted by pebblegrain Just a note. There are a ton of Q51 but I've never heard of a V51, ever. You can get 800 with something like a Q51/V49. I scored Q48, it's something like 99.99 percentile I googled "V51 GMAT" and looked through forum posts to see happens if you get V51. People have reported scores with 51V and I found it unlikely they would lie. YMMV
Quote: Originally Posted by George Being 'counterintuitive', have you not considered that a larger armhole, not a smaller armhole may be beneficial for someone of your build? 1+ Quote: Originally Posted by Svenn I'm obsessed with it because, indeed, none of my 'bespoke' attempts so far have created a jacket that is even remotely functional for me. I cannot reach for the keyboard or my car's steering wheel without severe...
Quote: Originally Posted by Flambeur would you mind sharing your v/q split? I absolutely don't get how you can get 77% Q and score a 750 even with a perfect V score.... Also, 750 is 99th percentile now, right? The verbal score carries significant weight compared to the quants, iirc, it is 3x the value and the higher the verbal the greater the rarity (few candidates score higher on the verbal and the scores aren't base on avgs of the 2 scores...
Quote: Originally Posted by Magician Is not collecting stamps a hobby?
Quote: Originally Posted by dragon8 For that price there are plenty of other options. Sorry I thought we were talking about price ranges, not the most expensive fabric; I don't find the price difference between Chan (cheapest fabric I saw was $4.xk) and Peter significant if Peter's jackets are priced @ 3.7k starting (I felt that was implied, prices can easily go up but not so easily go down).
Quote: Originally Posted by dragon8 Does Peter Lee or any HK tailor carry fabrics that cost $20K. Is this in HK dollars or USD? HKD of course ... it was at Chan, not Peter Lee.
Quote: Originally Posted by dragon8 Really? Chan is much more expensive than that. His coats start at IIRC at $800-900USD. When I was picking out clothes for my jacket (I pick fabric by the colour/texture only ... I could care less about the brand, nub, I know), I saw prices from $4.Xk to $20k. I suspect it is rare someone would go for the cheaper fabrics, but as far as I am aware they do have that option.
Quote: Originally Posted by dragon8 The theory of supply and demand. No wonder the HK group does not reveal their tailors. haha seriously ... at that price I'll just stick with Chan =.=
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