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Quote: Originally Posted by Wongtouski The IFC one, I come in, say Hi, and they just look bewildered. I told them I'd made an appointment and they told me to sit down. Turns out they thought it was someone else of the same name. But nevertheless guy just pulls out Thomas Mason fabrics and I started looking, while he sat there silent. I asked earlier via e-mail if extreme cutaway before I got there, and I asked again, even showing multiple pictures of...
Quote: Originally Posted by JLibourel $1,200 is pretty optimistic for Chan these days. As dragon8 commented $1,300 is now more like it as a base with Chan. My mistake. I was thinking 10,000 HKD and was way off here.
Quote: Originally Posted by Lonneker Funny how a thread about Chan turns into an endorsement for PL Don't let the title fool you; the thread is about finding a tailor that fits the OPs budget. Chan was thought to be an example but their prices start at $1,200 USD which might not have fabrics the OP wants.
Quote: Originally Posted by RSS So much depends upon whether one lives or one just exists. Liking or disliking New York depends greatly the degree to which one is inclined to use what the city offers. I'm a classical music fan and NYC gives me more options than anywhere else in this country. In many cities one is hard pressed to find a classical event on a daily basis, in New York it's more a matter of deciding which to forego. I also enjoy...
Quote: Originally Posted by scientific i liked that story because it contained no mention of work, which is accurate. investment bankers are unskilled and generally not that bright, although they are great at seeming prestigious. that is why they have to put in absurd hours, it's just hazing to get into the club. (lawyers also.) OP should plan on leaving but get more experience first - you'll never have it as good with people knocking on your door to hire...
SIM Cards: China Unicorn has better prices than street vendors, especially for 3g prepaid cards. If you're Canadian, the Canadian bar (I've only seen one) is near the Forbidden City and streams games. Personally I only enjoyed the Terra Cotta warriors and the Great Wall. Not really a fan of the other stuff. There were supposed to be dust storms this week but it seems they'll probably come in next week or after.
The gmail part is frustrating as hell. It wasn't until last week my gmail started loading consistently. It would even load in HTML. Lots of Libya stuff censored and the internet is incredibly slow in Beijing. I'm thankful for a temporary reprieve; I'm heading to Hong Kong in a few days.
Quote: Originally Posted by haganah you don't learn from books...you don't learn from websites...you don't even learn from analyst training programs...you learn when someone is yelling at you at 3am. so for, say $1K I'm willing to email you mp3's of me yelling. it will help.
Quote: Originally Posted by frenchy "can i get a cheese burger,no cheese please" R.i.p John Belushi Sounds silly but my buddy used to do this because McD's had a deal where 2 cheese burgers were less expensive than 2 normal burgers and he was allergic to cheese.
Quote: Originally Posted by J. Cogburn I would. Fit is first. Everything else follows. If it doesn't fit well, no cool-eo aesthetics will save the piece. But if it fits, even the plainest thing will look smashing. See Cary Grant. Two things: 1) Construction (workmanship) isn't the same as fit. Aesthetics includes fit. 2) Depending upon the individual's measurements and skill of the measurer, MTM can appear to fit as well as fully custom...
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