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OP: I have a short anecdote about one of my brother's best friends, a Taiwanese kid with American citizenship who grew up in Vancouver and lived nearby. I don't know what impact minority (if Taiwanese counts as minority) and citizenship have on the application process. Academically, this kid was in the 70-80% range in high school. He chose to attend NYU and recently finished his BA in journalism (or communications; something similar to English but easier). He spent...
Quote: Originally Posted by vinveritas Am curious if there is a sacrifice in the quality of the workmanship and final product if the Chan suit is made in five days as opposed to the suit not being rushed for completion in that period? Thanks IME they start working on the suit a few (more like 2) days before the appointment, even if you give them 1-2 months between measurement and fitting.
Quote: Originally Posted by Eustace Tilley 1. White 2. Light Blue 3. Light Blue 4. Light Blue 1+
Lucky and we'll take it.
Quote: Originally Posted by Lord-Barrington I'm pretty sure everyone else would have understood the same thing I did, buddy. "They're a massive team of D bags, plus Patrice Bergeron". So now "plus" means, "besides"? Good to know. Yes it does He's saying: Boston = D bags + PB Not D bags = PB + other guys
Quote: Originally Posted by micbain Was this your experience? Yes. I've also talked to admission staff. While schools obviously differ and I can't say for certain all schools do adjust, some schools show similar sentiment. Example: Canada: http://www2.lse.ac.uk/study/informat...ca/canada.aspx To be considered for a place on a postgraduate programme we require a bachelor's degree with average marks of 77% overall (on 0-100 scale), 3.3 (on a...
Quote: Originally Posted by micbain I always hear people say that undergrad grades do not matter and its all about experience + gmat. How true is this for top 15 programs? I ask because I have an interesting situation. My cumulative GPA not the best due to my first year of uni which was horrible (C/C- average). I didn't attend class and generally was uninterested (arts student). Luckily I was able to transfer in the business program as I did well enough...
Quote: Originally Posted by cptjeff He's right, at least about the suit part. Dress in a suit everyday at college and you will look like a tool, whether you are one or not. It's about dressing appropriately for your environment. You can dress casually and still dress well. Yes, wearing a suit everyday is inappropriate. I didn't list a suit in my recommendation.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Sartorial Hey guys, I'm thinking about putting together an article on this and I'm curious what others on here would think. I'm specifically posting here in MC because most of you tend to be older in this forum. What advice would you give to a kid entering his first year of college? Some thoughts that come to my mind are don't just dress in jeans and a hoodie every day. Discover the benefits of chinos, collared shirts...
I just purchased a 180g SSD & the basic F series. My friends and ex-gf had vaios during undergrad and I had nothing but good experiences with them. I'm a big fan of the Vaio keyboard layout.
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