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You should definitely go to LSE.
Anyone in HK have any recommendations for places to shorten ties?
you're not comparing the same population or accounting for luck
Quote: Originally Posted by Nick V. Well deserved winning the Stanley Cup. Great series. Played better than the Canucks and they deserve the cup.
Quote: Originally Posted by darks0ulz I go to McGill for UG and I finished my 1st year with a 3.93 (I'm a science student though and am a 2nd year credit wise). My organic 2 class had a class average of 79. A 75-80 is a 3.3, 80 is 3.7 and 85 is 4.0 here. I know a bunch of people with 3.8+ here. Grade deflation isn't really a big issue here save for a few courses which are just killer. But then bird courses/bell curves usually even things out. I...
Quote: Originally Posted by Reggs The video made me realize how weird having a IRL WAYWT would be. It's like an adult version of show-and-tell. I wouldn't really call the video an interview. I still enjoyed it though. It's like he changes his accent from asian to white(American) every few words he speaks with little middle ground. I get the feeling he's speaking Chinese in English.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mal He is probably way way smarter than you are giving him credit for. Harvard law requires very high numbers without exceptions. Asians are not minorities in the law school admissions, they are over-represented and thus get no boost for diversity. As far as the statistical evidence for the claim that law school admissions is almost entirely gpa/lsat based go take a look at if you are truly...
Quote: Originally Posted by sportin_life Must have had some great connections? And Asian in general is definitely considered a minority, even as a true foreigner. No connections I don't know what his LSAT score, but his admittance was a shock to everyone. In fact, when he told us he applied, we all assumed it was a Hail Mary He's Canadian so he's not a true foreigner
OP: I have a short anecdote about one of my brother's best friends, a Taiwanese kid with American citizenship who grew up in Vancouver and lived nearby. I don't know what impact minority (if Taiwanese counts as minority) and citizenship have on the application process. Academically, this kid was in the 70-80% range in high school. He chose to attend NYU and recently finished his BA in journalism (or communications; something similar to English but easier). He spent...
Quote: Originally Posted by vinveritas Am curious if there is a sacrifice in the quality of the workmanship and final product if the Chan suit is made in five days as opposed to the suit not being rushed for completion in that period? Thanks IME they start working on the suit a few (more like 2) days before the appointment, even if you give them 1-2 months between measurement and fitting.
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