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Quote: Originally Posted by micbain I always hear people say that undergrad grades do not matter and its all about experience + gmat. How true is this for top 15 programs? I ask because I have an interesting situation. My cumulative GPA not the best due to my first year of uni which was horrible (C/C- average). I didn't attend class and generally was uninterested (arts student). Luckily I was able to transfer in the business program as I did well enough...
Quote: Originally Posted by cptjeff He's right, at least about the suit part. Dress in a suit everyday at college and you will look like a tool, whether you are one or not. It's about dressing appropriately for your environment. You can dress casually and still dress well. Yes, wearing a suit everyday is inappropriate. I didn't list a suit in my recommendation.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Sartorial Hey guys, I'm thinking about putting together an article on this and I'm curious what others on here would think. I'm specifically posting here in MC because most of you tend to be older in this forum. What advice would you give to a kid entering his first year of college? Some thoughts that come to my mind are don't just dress in jeans and a hoodie every day. Discover the benefits of chinos, collared shirts...
I just purchased a 180g SSD & the basic F series. My friends and ex-gf had vaios during undergrad and I had nothing but good experiences with them. I'm a big fan of the Vaio keyboard layout.
Fred perry
quar: I don't disagree with you - I just don't see it humorously like you do. Quote: Originally Posted by sellahi22 Who's blaming "this mythical evil business thing"? No one is blaming Ambrosi for wanting to expand his business, it's just that he's making a mess of it. To some extent it's understandable; these guys are trouser-makers, not businessmen. If they were doing good business making trousers as a father-son team in their Naples workshop, I...
Quote: Originally Posted by quar I enjoy the passive-aggressive exchanges between Foo and NYR. That is all. Really? One guy paid lots of money for pants. These pants are good value and but also expensive. He has no money and no pants. The other guy spouts off about business without knowing anything about business. Skimming his posts hurt my brain. The whole idea that bigger companies necessarily have poor customer service and bigger companies...
The Elements of Style is a book that could help improve your writing. Too many people use unfamiliar and sophisticated sounding words incorrectly. Keep communication short but not at the expense of clarity.
Quote: Originally Posted by micbain Employers. I would use career statistics as a measure of employer perception of the program (whether 1 or 2 yrs).
All my packages have come in the morning around 11am
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