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You're absolutely right that I should have asked. I didn't mention to them that I was a return customer until during the shirt decision making process (selecting the colours, darts, etc.) and by then I was dismayed by their attitude towards me that this thought didn't cross my mind. After I told them that I was a return customer (I was not a huge customer, 8 shirts), they did not bring up the fact that the minimum number of shirts would change. I wouldn't expect them to...
I was actually at AC yesterday in IFC and ordered a few shirts. Service was pretty poor - I was served by the older gentleman and he was quite gruff and rude, more so than Jantzen. With respect to the service at the shirt cloth selection stage, the older gentleman told me that their minimum is 3 shirts and that I would have to order all the shirts at the same time, I couldn't have them made or adjusted 1 at a time. That was fairly disappointing and if the shirts don't turn...
Any more pictures in different lighting? That might be the first pair of reptile leather shoes that I've ever liked.
I'm a customer of WW Chan and I'd recommend that you go local, if your local tailor's technical capabilities meet your standards. As much as I like my suits from Chan, I would have been dissatisfied with how the suit turned out if I didn't get 3 fittings (at their insistence) before the suit was finished and the several minor alterations (shoulder divots and a few other tweaks) after the suit was completed.
36k plus 2k for clothing in 2008 in Canada. Not much in the way of benefits. CA firm (now cpa I guess) that focused on advisory, tax and did audit for non public entities. At that time, I remember the big 4 paying 33k for the same entry level position. Sad to say that the starting salaries are around the 33k mark 6 years later.
Depends on many factors, especially where they did undergrad/worked + home culture + whether they're dicks. If you're interviewing at a truly Chinese PE firm without being actually Chinese, you're probably pretty boss and whatever you do will be used to support preconceived notions they already have of you.Korea is a different beast ... calculating the levels of respectfulness would give me a headache. I don't know how they do it.
This is a really sad story that hit home from some of my friends who used to live in the vicinity of the the girl. Some of my close friends are now high school teachers in the same area that Amanda went to school. They tell me teachers normally do know what's going on, and it is up to them to make the time commitment to better their classrooms. Either there was no adult support or the support was ineffective, and it saddens me to think how helpless she must have felt as...
That's been my experience as well.
Yes I did. The summer was brutal though.
Can you elaborate more on your experience getting an MBA in Canada and how it's helped you land a job over someone with an MBA from the US or China?edit: To clarify, my perception is based off of time working in Canada and abroad as well as my friends and family MBA experiences. I myself have studied at 4 internationally competitive schools that are very strong locally so I have a bias towards local schools but Canada is different.
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