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Agree wholeheartedly with point 4 - I can't actually justify using AC anymore given the shape of the shirts can be made by others at significantly lower cost.
Which tailor has this price? The minimum AC price I was offered was around 1.2k per shirt iirc - last year.
I think I understand what you mean - that you expect a shirtmaker to do their own thing and produce a shirt that is 100% theirs but FWIW even Ascot Chang also asked me about the measurements of the shirt that I was wearing (Janzten) and also measured the shirt (just the body) and will use that to start the fitting process so that the fitting shirt has familiar measurements on the body and is therefore guaranteed not to be too tight.
I have the same problem with my first pair of shoes (I previously ordered only boots). The first time I did extensive walking with the shoe (around 4 hours) I got a blister on top of my big toe joint of one of my feet. I'm wondering whether this problem will go away, or whether the shoe simply doesn't fit.
Yes, that is what I mean and I am wondering if the 1 person who had it done could share his experience. To me it seems like such a complicated issue so I worry that the result might be mixed.
I'd be up for sharing any questions with him but I wouldn't want to inconvenience him any further than I already do.
Did anyone here ask Antonio to customize the footbed of the shoe to match a customized orthopedic? I spoke with Antonio about this and he told me that he has done this once before and I was hoping that it was someone from this thread.
I think this is fair, and absolutely true. I was unattended the first time I went to WW Chan, but like this AC experience (and hence why I didn't walk out on them), I stuck with them to see the results of the suits - and the suit jackets and jackets are made and fit very well (except for the pants, which they do sloppily imo but no worse than any other tailor that I tried).WW Chan had been my choice of tailor until they moved to Central - now I'm having my uncle's father...
You're absolutely right that I should have asked. I didn't mention to them that I was a return customer until during the shirt decision making process (selecting the colours, darts, etc.) and by then I was dismayed by their attitude towards me that this thought didn't cross my mind. After I told them that I was a return customer (I was not a huge customer, 8 shirts), they did not bring up the fact that the minimum number of shirts would change. I wouldn't expect them to...
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