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Depends on many factors, especially where they did undergrad/worked + home culture + whether they're dicks. If you're interviewing at a truly Chinese PE firm without being actually Chinese, you're probably pretty boss and whatever you do will be used to support preconceived notions they already have of you.Korea is a different beast ... calculating the levels of respectfulness would give me a headache. I don't know how they do it.
That's been my experience as well.
Yes I did. The summer was brutal though.
Can you elaborate more on your experience getting an MBA in Canada and how it's helped you land a job over someone with an MBA from the US or China?edit: To clarify, my perception is based off of time working in Canada and abroad as well as my friends and family MBA experiences. I myself have studied at 4 internationally competitive schools that are very strong locally so I have a bias towards local schools but Canada is different.
I was in Holborn, and enjoyed my time there.Leicester square should be great.
One of my buddies is doing an MBA at Rotman but he doesn't get any advantages to people doing MBAs outside of Canada. I think Canada is a bit unique in that the local school advantage factor isn't as significant as it is in other countries.
You should definitely go to LSE.
Anyone in HK have any recommendations for places to shorten ties?
you're not comparing the same population or accounting for luck
Quote: Originally Posted by Nick V. Well deserved winning the Stanley Cup. Great series. Played better than the Canucks and they deserve the cup.
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