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Lady in Satin Billie Holiday The Best of Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong on Compact Jazz Cookin' With the Miles Davis Quintet with Coltrane Clifford Brown and Max Roach The Sidewinder Lee Morgan Greatest Hits Frank Sinatra Live at Birdland John Coltrane
Quote: Originally Posted by david-bowie Abba? Hmmm...I don't agree... OK, then you tell me what my favorite pop album is? Evidently, you know better than I do what I like.
Quote: Originally Posted by Augusto86 Please for the love of all that is holy put down the shovel and GO AWAY. Quote: Originally Posted by CTGuy Seriously-- who gives a shit what you think at this point. When you boyz get kicked out of school and have to get a job in the real world, why don't you wear your jewelry and tats on your sleeve, so to speak, so that your prospective employers can see them. Then come back...
Quote: Originally Posted by lawyerdad NB: If I got a real one I would definitely choose Powerpuff girls over Strawberry Shortcake. So what's stopping you? It would do so much for your professional image and presentation.
Greatest Hits Abba
Moanin' Art Blakey and The Jazz Messengers.
Quote: Originally Posted by SoCal2NYC This coming from a middle class man... You didn't bother to dispute the point, so I will take this as a concession.
Quote: Originally Posted by SoCal2NYC Assuming that any respectable person would be wearing a suit, It is rare that you can find a tattoo parlor to tattoo your hands and face (feet are another one they like to stay away from) so they will be covered by their clothing. The British Royals have been shot sans suits, in sporting and even bathing attire. I didn't notice any tats. Did you?
Quote: Originally Posted by lawyerdad Right you are. Just reread my post -- it said "at least not in law school". In other words, most of the girls I knew as an undergrad did live on the Telegraph side of campus; the ones I knew during law school generally did not. Undergrad 90, law 93. Guess I should've gone to law school.
Quote: Originally Posted by lawyerdad Sorry, I'm not being disinguous, but I'm not clear what exactly you've never seen. Professional women coloring their hair blond? I've never seen a professional woman dye her hair from something that wasn't blonde to blonde, like many non-professional women do. (In fact, one woman in that same bank just did this - brunette to platinum blonde, with tons of thick curls to boot.) And if a professional...
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