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Can anyone tell me who is stocking the banded collar shirt in one of these colors?
After 12+ hours of wear. Pants look short because of the angle. JK--they are really short.
Suit Supply Hickey Freeman Epaulet x 2 Allen Edmonds Something weird with the sleeves, but it only happens when the jacket is buttoned. I would like to shorten the pants a little more.
Thanks. The suit is RLBL and I think it is the Anthony cut. The suit fit me great off the rack. I just needed to hem the pants--but they need a little more adjusting to be perfect.
Trying some new stuff- And I had to wear a suit earlier today-
I couldn't get my pants or my camera to cooperate, but it is close enough.
i really wanted to like the legacy collection because i love patagonia- but it is not interesting.i just bought the blue patterned retro-x cardigan instead of something from this collection. it is awesome.
Charcoal is great color. It is really versatile.I placed an order for a 6A in Navy. Shannon was really helpful and responded quickly.I wish they had some sweaters in stock. I am not looking forward to the wait.
This is perfect timing. I was just about to buy a 6A from Mandon or End because I need to replace my old 6A. I bought this on eBay 2+ years ago. It was originally oatmeal/natural and I dyed it black. It now has a few holes and is missing a button. I just need to decide between a 40 and a 38. I can't remember what size this is, it's measurements are completely different from End's. Here is a pic:
I have this morning coat and a pair of formal pants--but I am not sure if they are a pair. Do these work together or are they two separate items? They are both made of rough, thick wool--but the their shades do not match. Should they? The last picture is a comparison of the two fabrics.The jacket is from a closed department store named Gimbel Brothers in NYC, and it was made by Siegel Brothers and Siegel.It is in flawless condition considering it is 80 years old. The only...
New Posts  All Forums: