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nonnative denim & supply dockers visvim
vintage (2007?) SF collab jeans with 5EP. i haven't put these on in a few years. arc'teryx veilance visvim rrl 5EPxSF haflinger
Trying something a little different. Got an Eidos jacket to wear casually. Eidos Visvim Engineered Garments Common Projects
Had to dress up today. Trying to show that cuff. Suit Supply Kamakura Epaulet Meermin
EG Vest ts(s) Shirt J. Crew Jeans RM Shoes
EG vest, sweatshirt, and pants CP sneakers
http://federalstore.com/brands/engineered-garments.html At 50% off in store. Some good deals.
Ugly Christmas sweater contest at work. I hope I don't win. EG bedford and sweater Kamakura shirt J crew pants Allen Edmonds shoes
Some really nice stuff penance. I am in the Patagonia club with nicelynice. Super casual look today. Patagonia shell and down sweater Uniqlo sweatshirt Gap jeans Nike flyknits
Like the visvim boots cyc and s3lam. I think I need a pair. Double denim today. Nonnative sweater Epaulet denim western J crew tee and jeans Birkenstocks
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